May 7, 2015

SCPD Announces 2 Sergeant Promotions

The Santa Cruz Police Department proudly announces the promotion of two veteran officers to the position of Police Sergeant.  The two were promoted on Wednesday afternoon May 6th following a rigorous and competitive testing process.

Introducing Sergeant Bill Azua and Sergeant Bill Clayton:

Sergeant Bill Azua

Sergeant Azua is a 20 year veteran of the Santa Cruz Police Department.  Sergeant Azua began his career assigned to foot patrol in the Beach Flats neighborhood.  During his assignment, Sergeant Azua worked in partnership with the community to achieve positive change in the Beach Flats.  His active involvement was critical in garnering support for change; raising awareness of gang violence and reducing instances of violent crime. 

Sergeant Azua shows of his new "Sergeant" Badge
Sergeant Azua has enjoyed a number of specialized assignments during his career.  Those include the SCPD Neighbor Enforcement Team, the Santa Cruz County Narcotic Enforcement Team, the DEA Heroin Mobile Task Force, the Santa Cruz Police Department Southern Exposure Task Force, the Downtown and the Field Training Program.  Sergeant Azua is a recognized expert in the field of gang and narcotic related crimes.

Prior to his promotion, Sergeant Azua was working in partnership with the Homeless Shelter Center to provide a better working relationship with law enforcement and the community.

When not working, Sergeant Azua enjoys spending time with his family and watching his kids play sports.

Sergeant Bill Clayton 

Sergeant Clayton started his career at the police department in September of 2003 working as a Community Service Officer.  He was hired as a Police Officer in July of 2004.

Sergeant Clayton has his new "Sergeant" Badge pinned

Sergeant Clayton worked in patrol where he forged important community relationships and employed unique strategies to improve neighborhood quality of life.  Sergeant Clayton spent 5 years in the Traffic Unit as a motorcycle officer where he developed an expertise in traffic collision investigations. Sergeant Clayton also forged a partnership with the California DMV where they developed a new process for tracking down scofflaw car owners during hit and run investigations.

Sergeant Clayton serves on the department’s Emergency Services Unit as an experienced Hostage and Crisis Negotiator. Prior to his promotion, Sergeant Clayton was assigned as a Field Training Officer, responsible for the training of new officers.

Sergeant Clayton holds a degree in criminal justice.  When not at work, Sergeant Clayton enjoys spending time with friends and family either riding dirt bikes or camping near a lake and fishing.

Both new sergeants have a passion and extraordinary talent for teaching and mentoring department staff.  Chief Kevin Vogel said, “We are excited and proud to promote these two well-respected officers to the position of Police Sergeant.  Both have a solid history of hard work, dedication and caring service to our department and community.” 

Both new sergeants will be assigned to the Patrol unit where they will supervise a team of officers. 

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Sergeant Bill Azua and Sergeant Bill Clayton