June 28, 2013

Suspect Has 9-1-1 Called on Himself After Being Caught Trying to Break Into Parked Cars

In police work, we oftentimes see where the unusually warm weather can cause interesting behavior.  

In the most unusual call of the day, officers responded to CVS on Front Street for a suspicious person inside the store.  Mr. Thomas Wingo asked the staff to call 9-1-1 on his behalf.  

It turns out that Mr. Wingo was caught in the act of trying door handles and shining a flashlight into parked cars in the parking lot.  The good citizen witness confronted Mr. Wingo and he fled into the store.  The good citizen was waiting outside for Mr. Wingo when he decided to basically call the police on himself. 

Mr. Wingo was arrested for tampering with vehicles and being under the influence of drugs and, of course, violating his probation.   

A little history on Mr. Wingo shows he was arrested 14 times in 2012 for offenses including trespassing, theft, burglary and under the influence of drugs.  So far he has been arrested 5 times in 2013 for similar crimes.  Mr. Wingo identifies his address as transient.  

Here is Mr. Wingo's booking photo from last night:

He has also been known to look like this:

 Many thanks to the good citizen for stopping what likely would have been a number of thefts from parked cars.  

This is a great example of why you need to keep your cars closed and locked up, even in this hot weather. 

June 26, 2013

Gratitude Paid to Those That Reached Out in Aftermath of Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler Shooting

Mayor Hilary Bryant, Chief Kevin Vogel and the City Council paid honor and gratitude to the people, businesses and organizations that lifted us up in the aftermath of the deaths of Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.

 Photo Courtesy of Brad Kava - Patch
There are hundreds who stepped forward and stood with the police department and community during this time.

Receiving a “Key to the City” were: 

Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1
City of San Jose
Santa Cruz Memorial
California Highway Patrol
Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office

Receiving Proclamations were: 

Adam Abrams
John & Rebecca Colligan
Friends of Shannon Collins
Anne Maggioncalda
Patty Quillin
Richard Wilson
Atherton Police Officer’s Association
Boomerang Project
The Fallen Officers Fund
Police and Fire;  The Fallen Heroes
San Francisco Police Credit Union
San Francisco Police Officers Association
Baskin & Grant, LLP
Bike Dojo
Erik's Deli
Joe’s Pizza & Subs
William Ow Family
Rechnitz Charity Foundation
Santa Cruz Seaside Company
Santa Cruz Rotary
Stagnaro Bros Seafood
Zoccoli’s Deli
Governor Jerry Brown
James Durbin
Attorney General Kamala Harris
Nickelodeon Theatres, Inc
Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District
Santa Cruz Warriors
Secretary Leon Panetta
Twin Lakes Church – Pastor Rene Schlaepfer 

There were many more who received certificates of appreciation.  We will list those in the days ahead. 

Special Thanks to Scott Collins from the City Manager’s Office for his endless hours and dedication to this program.  Scott put this program together, and honored us all with his work. 

There are so many individual stories of generosity and kindness extended to us during this time.  We will try to highlight some of those in the weeks ahead.

You lifted and held us up during the most difficult days we have faced.  Thank you doesn't begin to express our gratitude.

Together, our challenge and our duty is to keep the momentum going in a positive way.  We will honor their memory by making a Santa Cruz a community worthy of their sacrifice. 

June 24, 2013

Beware of New Telephone & Computer SCAM

Beware of a new telephone and computer scam making its way through the city.  So far, they have claimed 2 victims.  Here’s how it works:

The caller claims to be a representative of Microsoft.  They will sound like a remote call center.  The caller will attempt to sell you a virus protection product from Microsoft.  They will ask for your credit card for the sale.

 If you do not want to purchase the product they offer to give you a FREE TRIAL which they will DOWNLOAD and INSTALL REMOTELY.  DON’T DO THIS!!! 

The caller will direct you to “View My PC” and have you download that product.  They will then ask for access codes to your computer.  The caller will tell you not to touch your computer because the download and installation process will take a few hours.

When you come back to your computer, you will find they are conducting financial transactions on your computer with your money and accounts.  

We cannot say this enough…..
  1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give access codes to anyone over the phone that you do not personally know.
  2. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow the remote download and install of any product you do not know. 
  3. Report suspicious calls and sales scams.   
Information is a commodity in the criminal world.  Don’t be an easy target for them. 
If it sounds suspicious…it is!

If it sounds too good to be true….it is!


June 23, 2013

SCPD Says Thank You Santa Cruz Woodie Club!

The Santa Cruz Police Department would like to thank the Santa Cruz Woodie Club for the framed event poster and commemorative plaque they presented to Chief Kevin Vogel at the Woodies on the Wharf event that took place on Saturday June 22nd.  This years plaque is engraved with these kind and heartfelt words:

“In appreciation for the service you provide to the citizens and visitors of the City of Santa Cruz.  Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and heroism.  Your willingness to put your lives on the line daily shows the commitment to your profession.  The Santa Cruz Woodie Club thanks you in memory of Sgt. Loran Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.”         

Mayor Hilary Bryant was on hand to accept a framed event poster on behalf of the City of Santa Cruz.  The Mayor and the Chief assisted with the annual raffle by drawing the winning numbers for the lucky recipients of the two cruiser bikes and the two surfboards.  The weather for this event was picture perfect, to which we give credit to the Mayor!    

This was the 19th annual Surf City classic and Northern California’s largest woodie show, featuring more than 200 stylish, pre-1952 wood-bodied cars.  Since the first Woodies on the Wharf event 19 years ago, the Santa Cruz Police Department and the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department have assisted the woodies as they depart the wharf in parade-like fashion at the conclusion of the event.  The parade of woodies leaving the wharf is quite an impressive sight to see.

Chief Vogel and the Santa Cruz Police Department would like to thank and express our appreciation to the Santa Cruz Woodie Club!