April 26, 2011

Santa Cruz Police Volunteer Program

The Santa Cruz Police Department would like to invite you to join us as a volunteer! We know that in order to be successful, a strong sense of unity and shared purpose must exist between your police and the community. As a police volunteer, you are helping continue to connect the Santa Cruz Police Department with the community we serve.

We greatly value our volunteers and recognize that what you do has a direct impact on the safety of our community. Our volunteer's commitment to serving the department through various tasks, in turn improves the quality of life in our community. By accomplishing these duties and volunteering a minimum number of hours per month, each volunteer provides an outstanding service to the community.

We believe that the true measurement of our department is the impact we leave for those who come after us. We strive to be highly accountable and accessible while focusing on what we believe our agency does best; community-oriented policing. Please join us in this endeavor - partner with us as a police volunteer. Click here for more information!