May 26, 2011

Learn More About Detective Dave Pawlak!

As technology has expanded so has cyber crimes - and one of the key people SCPD relies on to keep kids safe on the Internet, seniors safe from cyber scams and the community in general safe from this growing concern is Detective (and cyber crime expert) Dave Pawlak.

Name your favorite secret location in Santa Cruz

Detective Pawlak: I was born and raised in Santa Cruz so I have an extensive list of places I like to go.  Santa Cruz truly offers something for everyone: the beach, the woods, the downtown, the boardwalk.  It’s really tough decision to choose just one place, but the trails in Wilder Ranch offer a little of everything including some of the most serene and amazing views in the County.

  49ers or Raiders? Giants or A’s? Why?

Detective Pawlak: I’ve been a Giants and 49ers fan since I was a little kid going back to the days of Will Clark and Joe Montana.

What is your favorite thing about working for SCPD?

Detective Pawlak: My favorite thing about working for the Santa Cruz Police Department is the community in which I protect.  Having been born and raised in Santa Cruz I have a vested interest in helping Santa Cruz prosper and being a safe place to live.  Chief Vogel’s philosophy with regard to community policing allows us to take an active approach in responding to community concerns and being creative in developing a solution to best address problems as they arise.  Additionally, the police department is supportive of a proactive approach to law enforcement.

What is the most memorable case you worked?

Detective Pawlak: I have a few exciting cases I can think of, but what really sticks out the most to me is the work I do assisting with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce as an affiliated agency.  The ICAC taskforce is responsible for investigating cases of web-facilitated child pornography and cases of child sexual exploitation or abuse that results from contact over the internet or by electronic means.  To date, the Santa Cruz Police have successfully worked numerous criminal investigations leading to the arrest of persons who collected and traded child pornography, had engaged in online conversations attempting to seduce a child for sexual exploitation, and who have actively travelled to Santa Cruz in an effort to sexually exploit a child.

Tell us a little about your career with SCPD

Detective Pawlak: I began my tenure with the Santa Cruz PD in 2000 when I was hired as a Community Service Officer (CSO).  I was assigned to the Louden Nelson Community Center and lower Pacific Avenue areas.  As a CSO, I later was assigned to Patrol, Downtown, Traffic, and was a Field Training Officer.  In 2004 I was hired as  Police Officer.  After completing the Police Academy and subsequent field training program I was assigned to Patrol.  In 2007 I was transferred to Investigations working property crimes and crime scene investigations.  Since having been assigned to Investigations I have worked a number of specialties including: Crime Scene Investigations, Arson Investigations, Elder Abuse Investigations, Identity Theft Investigations, Domestic Terrorism Investigations.  More recently I was assigned to Persons Crimes assisting in Sexual Assault Investigations.  Additionally, I assist with Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Investigations and responsible for Computer and Cellular Forensics.