June 21, 2011

Get to Know Deputy Chief Steve Clark!

Over the last month we've been giving readers a little insight about the people that make up the Santa Cruz Police Department. Many of them work every day and aren't known in public. Deputy Chief Steve Clark is one of the members that many know: he is a regular fixture at community meetings, at community events, volunteering his time with community organizations and even in our local media. But even though you may have met Deputy Chief Clark, we're sure there are a few answers here that will surprise you... so let's get to know him better!

Word on the street is that you are a music guy... what 5 songs are on your iPod right now?

Deputy Chief Clark:  Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way; Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On;  Dire Straits – Money For Nothing; George StraitAmarillo by Morning; Commodores - Easy

Tell us about your favorite movies.

Deputy Chief Clark: It would have to be: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; Bull Durham; Emperor’s Club

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz?

Deputy Chief Clark: One of my favorite “Santa Cruz” experiences is an early Christmas dinner at Firefish (formerly Gilberts) on the Wharf.  I have been going there for the past 15+ years.  I love letting family back east know I am having Christmas dinner on the coast on a beautiful day while they are shoveling snow.  

On to sports. Giants or A's? 49ers or Raiders? Why?

Deputy Chief Clark: My aunt used to take me to the Oakland Coliseum, so I grew up an A’s fan back in the day of Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, John “Blue Moon” Odom, Campy Campanaris, etc. The A’s have always had a soft spot, but lately they are hard to cheer for.  As soon as you get to know a player, they trade them away.  Gotta love what the Giants are doing, and since they moved to “Pac Bell” I have grown to be more of a fan.  Krukow and Kuiper are the class of their profession. 

Since you're one of the bosses what is test part about working for the City of Santa Cruz?

Deputy Chief Clark: The broad spectrum of exposure to so many unique elements of culture, crime, and politics.  I’ve experienced a lot of different emotions working for the city, but never boredom.  Like I say, you can’t get entertainment like this working in a bank…(no offense bankers)

In your 25 years what have you found to be the most memorable case you were involved in?

Deputy Chief Clark: The Elvira Burnson homicide case.  I was proud that we were able to solve this case, and find the body which had been buried on a remote piece of property above Boulder Creek.  This case challenged our capabilities and pushed us to the edge.  I actually attended the funeral for her, and got an opportunity to see how our work allowed for all the family members to have closure and celebrate the life of this wonderful woman.   

 Even though it seems like you spend your vacations at the PD, where do you like to travel to? 

Deputy Chief Clark: I love national parks – Yellowstone and YosemiteCalifornia Gold Country –
One of my favorite hobbies is panning for gold in rivers.