June 14, 2011

Get to Know Traffic Officer Abe Rodriquez!

In the spirit of traffic (and the speed enforcement they perform) we thought we'd do a 5 question morning speed-read for you. Today we're featuring motor officer Abe Rodriquez. Don't know Abe? He's the one with the big smile riding his motorcycle down the street... your speed-read begins now.

Name your favorite Santa Cruz restaurant.

Officer Rodriquez: Perrico's. It's all about the burritos.

49ers or Raiders?

Officer Rodriquez: Raiders. Silver and Black runs through my veins.

What is your favorite thing about working for SCPD?

Officer Rodriquez: Riding a police motorcycle... with a smile on my face

What is the best partnership you've developed at SCPD?

Officer Rodriquez: Working with my extended family - the Traffic Unit

When you're not out catching speeders what are you doing?

Officer Rodriquez: Riding my horse or bass fishing