June 20, 2011

SCPD Launches First Alarm Private Security Pilot Program in Harvey West Park Neighborhood Area

In an effort to increase public safety presence and awareness in the Harvey West Park area, the Santa Cruz police department has initiated a pilot project with First Alarm Security to provide additional uniform security in the Harvey West Park area. The pilot project, which will be evaluated for effectiveness after the first month of implementation, will provide First Alarm Security seven days per week, eight hours per day in the Harvey West Park area.  This program will mirror the highly successful private security program introduced downtown by the Santa Cruz Police Department last September.  The program will begin on Monday June 20, 2011.   

The decision to supplement sworn police presence with additional First Alarm Security officers stems from meetings between Police Chief Kevin Vogel, Santa Cruz Police Department staff and Harvey West Park area stakeholders. A recurring theme in these meetings has been a need for a consistent presence in the Harvey West Park area to ensure a safe environment.  This program is a direct response to those concerns. The Harvey West Park area of the City is home to many, including residents, businesses, schools, non-profits and recreational facilities. 

Chief Vogel said, “The department’s commitment to add additional security resources to the Harvey West Park area is another leap forward toward ensuring public safety in our community.”  

First Alarm Security officers will be trained by Santa Cruz police Department staff in the City ordinances and will utilize the Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 Dispatch Center to report incidents as soon as they occur.  The program will be funded entirely through the Santa Cruz Police Department’s budget.