July 1, 2011

Predictive Policing Program Officially Launches

The Santa Cruz Police Department officially launched the predictive policing pilot program on July 1st. Over the last few months the department has been working with Professor George Mohler from Santa Clara University on modifying the user interface to work with our agency. The department is the first in the country to use this model in directing patrol resources. Over the coming months the Los Angeles Police Department will also use the model for patrol deployment. Each day, department analyst Zach Friend will work with patrol sergeants and lieutenants on where, and when, to deploy officers. Deputy Chief Steve Clark will oversee the overall operational elements of the program.

During the last few months the department worked with Dr. Mohler to run multiple tests on the data - challenging the model for validity.  So far the model has tested quite well. Chief Kevin Vogel joined Dr. Mohler earlier this week to present information about the program to the City Council Public Safety Subcommittee.  The pilot program will run until the end of 2011. As the program progresses we will be sure to provide updates! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Chief Vogel.