October 3, 2011

Department Joins with UCSC on Party Patrols and Education Campaign

Over the last few years the Santa Cruz Police Department has partnered with UCSC on an education and enforcement campaign to help curb loud and unruly gatherings. UCSC has historically offered to help offset a portion of overtime costs for dedicated party patrols and this year the university has continued that program. Over the last three weeks, SCPD officers have run occasional party patrols working to help alleviate this continuing burden on local neighborhoods. Neighbors have often complained of parties with as many as 500 patrons, underage drinking, loud noise and all of the associated issues you would expect from parties this large.

During these operations over the last three weeks officers have given nearly 50 citations - most for noise violations or the City's Loud/Unruly Gathering ordinance. Additionally, at yesterday's neighborhood block parties, students and administrators from UCSC met neighbors as part of the education campaign. The occasional overtime patrols will continue throughout the year.