November 22, 2011

LAPD Invites SCPD to Speak About Predictive Policing

The Los Angeles Police Department invited Lt. Bernie Escalante and Crime Analyst Zach Friend to LA to speak to roll calls about SCPD's experience with predictive policing. LAPD launched predictive policing last week. Led by Cpt. Sean Malinowski, the LAPD experiment affords an opportunity to test the program on a much larger scale. LAPD has been working closely with researchers from UCLA and was the first agency to provide data to test the model nearly two years ago. LAPD and SCPD are the only two agencies in the country using the program. The results of the two experiments are expected in the next few months. Dozens of agencies have reached out to LAPD and SCPD to ask about the program and possibly launch predictive policing in their own agencies at the end of the test period.