December 6, 2011

Notice Provided to San Lorenzo Benchland Encampment

The following notice was provided to those camping in the San Lorenzo Park Benchlands as part of the Occupy Santa Cruz protest. Our department is hopeful that the campers will respect the notice and leave the location peacefully with minimal trash and impact left on the park. The notices were provided last night and will be provided again today.


-        On November 30, 2011 the City Parks and Recreation DEPARTMENT Director, Pursuant to Santa Cruz Municipal Code Chapter 4.16, administratively declared the San Lorenzo PARK Benchlands  encampment to constitute a public nuisance and authorized abatement of that nuisance.

-        Accordingly you are hereby directed to cease and desist all camping activity on THE SAN LORENZO PARK BENCHLANDS PROPERTY ON or before 5:00 p.m. on wEDNESDAY, December 7, 2011 and to thereafter not enter onto THAT property between SUNSET and SUNRISE on any day of the week or to re-establish an encampment on thAT property at any time OF DAY OR NIGHT.

-        All persons participating in an encampment on thAT property after the date and time set forth above will be cited or arrested and thereafter prosecuted.

-        All camping equipment and personal property left on thAT property after the date and time set forth above will be deemed abandoned.  ABANDONED Perishable and unsanitary property will be disposed of immediately.  Other ABANDONED property will be taken into custody and held by the Police Department at 155 Center Street.  Upon positive proof of ownership, that property may be re-claimed by the owner within ninety (90) days of the Department’s possession of the property.  After ninety (90) days, the Department will dispose of the property.

-        Please be advised that the Homeless Resource Center’s Winter Shelter Program is now in service.  Homeless individuals requiring daily overnight shelter through this program at the National Guard Armory in Delaveaga Park should contact the Homeless Resource Center at 115 Coral Street in Santa Cruz or telephone the Center at (831) 458-6020.

-        Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.