January 18, 2012

Battle of the Badges Blood Drive - Results!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the first Battle of the Badges Red Cross Blood Drive. The Santa Cruz Police Department and Santa Cruz Fire Department battled to donate blood to the Red Cross. 

Sgt. Mike Harms, who oversaw the program for the department, noted it was a great success with Red Cross reps and volunteers stating it was one of their better drives. So what were the results? 

The goal of the blood drive was 40 units of blood. Combined, the Police and Fire Departments (and public safety supporters)  collected 46 units of blood!  

It pains us at the Police Department to say that the Fire Department won the “battle” with 22 units while Police Department came in with 21.  The remaining 3 donors did not state who recruited them - so we can all easily assume the police recruited them! Regardless, it was a positive event and we look forward making this an annual partnership. Congrats to the Fire Department!