January 11, 2012

Stolen Vehicles - How Many Were Recovered? 2011 Recap

Over the next few weeks the Santa Cruz Police Department will be analyzing crime data from 2011. Last week, we took a look at party/noise calls and bike thefts. This week we've looked at the number of injury accidents in our city and the total amount of Part 1 violent crime incidents in 2011. Today we take a look at stolen cars. First, how many cars were stolen in Santa Cruz in 2011? Second, we look at how many stolen cars that were recovered. As with all numbers at this stage they are preliminary - but it provides a good look into stats from 2011.

Stolen Vehicles:

2011: 185
2010:  180
2009:  145

Local Stolen Vehicles that We Recovered:

2011: 182 (98%)*
2010:  179 (99%)
2009:  145 (100%)

In addition, we recovered vehicles that were stolen from other areas (not included in these totals).

*This number may increase as it includes cars stolen at the end of December.