February 17, 2012

Learn More About the Online Police Reporting System

Did you know that the Santa Cruz Police Department has an online reporting system? 

The Coplogic system is designed to simplify the process of making a report for crimes occurring within the city limits. You can make a report from any computer that has Internet access at a time that is most convenient for you. With the online reporting system, you don’t have to call dispatch, explain your reason for calling, or wait for an officer to call you or respond to your location to take the report. For certain crime reports, you can enter the information yourself and get a crime report number quickly and easily. You can even print a copy of your police report from your computer.

Last year, the online system processed 1,859 reports saving an estimated $75,000 in personnel costs. 

The Coplogic system accepts crime reports for Petty and Grand Theft, Auto Burglary, Vandalism, Vehicle Tampering, Harassing Phone Calls, Hit and Run reports with no suspect information, and Identity Theft. You can even submit digital images along with your report.

The online reporting system is only right for you if you are not reporting an emergency, the crime occurred within the city limits of Santa Cruz, there are no known suspects and you have a valid email address to receive a copy of the report.

If all of those factors are present, try the easy-to-follow instructions on the Santa Cruz Police Department website and make your report from the convenience of your keyboard.