May 14, 2012

SCPD Joins Education Leaders for Gang Prevention Night

This Thursday the Santa Cruz Police Department and County Office of Education will hold a Gang Prevention Night to educate families on how to recognize gang activity in their community and how they can protect their children from joining gangs. 

The educational panel will include Deputy Chief Rick Martinez, with over 20 years in local law enforcement and gang/narcotic work, Deputy Superintendent Brian Wall - an expert on the local educational system and gang prevention work in schools, and also a former gang member that will speak with parents about the warning signs of gang involvement. 

This program comes after the recent successful conclusion of the fourth PRIDE program class - a SCPD/COE/City Schools early intervention program for at-risk youth. Santa Cruz Police and the County Office of Education have partnered on a number of outreach programs and this is part of an on-going attempt to educate parents about the symbols/names of gangs in our community, signs of early gang involvement and ways parents can protect their children from joining gangs


Thursday, May 17th
Gault Elementary School
6:00-8:00 PM