August 31, 2012

Illegal Campsite Cleanup Continues

In July, the Police Department launched a short term pilot project to eradicate illegal campsites in the city and along open spaces.  Due to the overwhelming need and significant presence of fire danger, environmental degradation and sanitation/health risks, the pilot project will be extended to an undetermined date.   The following are the enforcement statistics through 7 weeks of the project:

309   Citations Issued
116   Arrests
167   Campsites Posted for Abatement
66     Campsites Cleaned

Many of the "posted" campsites voluntarily vacated after warning notices.  

Arrests include significant public safety concerns such as unregistered sex offenders, drug use & sales, stolen property, and illegal weapons.   

Cleanup efforts have been conducted by Parks & Recreation, and Public Works staff.  Thanks to their efforts, several tons of trash has been removed from our parks and natural open spaces.