August 7, 2012

Illegal Campsite Enforcement Efforts: Week Four

The Police Department initiated a collaborative effort with Parks & Recreation and Public Works to eradicate illegal campsite locations throughout the city.  Continued concerns over fire danger, public safety, environmental destruction and poor sanitation have been the focus of the effort.  Many of the illegal campsites have become hideouts for criminal activity. 
In the fourth week of this project, the following was accomplished:
  • 67 Citations Issued
  • 20 Arrests
  • 29 Campsites Identified and Posted With Warnings to Vacate
  • 15 Campsites Cleared 
The majority of arrests this week were for drug charges including sales of methamphetamine. Another arrest was for possession of stolen property. 
The totals for the first 4 weeks of the program are:
  • 245 Citations issued
  • 70 Arrests
  • 115 Campsites Identified and Posted With Warnings to Vacate
  • 42 Campsites Cleaned
 The “posted” campsites have been scheduled for later cleanup. 
We have received a number of tips from our Illegal Campsite Hotline.  Community members are encouraged to report illegal campsite locations in the City of Santa Cruz.
Call (831) 420-5892.