October 24, 2012

How Many People Applied for the Police Officer Openings?

A few weeks ago we advertised an opening for our police officer trainee position(s). How many people applied?


Just to give you a sense of what the selected candidate(s) will go through:

  1. 269 people applied to be a police officer with our department
  2. That number will be screened by Human Resources to those that meet the basic qualifications 
  3. The remaining (qualified) applicants will sit through a rigorous written exam
  4. Those that pass the written exam will have an oral board 
  5. Those selected to move on from the oral panel will be put through an extensive personal and professional background process
  6. If everything comes through clean those remaining applicants will go through medical clearances as well as polygraph tests.
  7. Am I hired yet?
  8. Nope
  9. Another interview panel with senior staff at the police department
  10. A final job offer
  11. Off to the police academy!
  12. Assuming you complete the academy you begin an internal training process
  13. Did you pass the training process?
  14. You are an SCPD officer!
 Start to finish this process generally takes a year. At SCPD we pride ourselves on hiring only the best employees possible.  As you can see, it is an extensive process that only a few of the 269 will make it through. But those that make it through have found a career and can be proud of the fact that they were one of the few selected by our agency to represent our department and community.