November 28, 2012

Help Catch A Jewelry Theft Suspect

The person depicted in these photos stole a gold "Gucci" style chain from a local jewelry and coin shop in Santa Cruz.  While the store employee was busy appraising another jewelry piece, our suspect reached into a display case and took the chain.  Unfortunately for the suspect, the whole thing is captured on video. He is fairly recognizable so we're hopeful someone knows him and gives us a call. 

The suspect is described as a White Male 25+ years old, Approximately 6 feet, with blonde or light brown hair.  He is wearing an orange "100h7" hooded sweatshirt and a wide brim baseball hat that has the word "Obey" on the front (Ironic Coincidence).   

If you recognize this person, please contact the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit at (831) 420-5820.  Refer to Case #12S-10350.  The case is being handled by Detective Williams.  You can also leave an anonymous tip at (831) 420-5995, or use our mobile iPhone and Droid App.