January 14, 2013

Crime Fighting Resources – One Stop Shopping!

Thank you for taking time to visit our blog and for your continued partnership with our agency.  The Santa Cruz Police Department prides itself on transparency and offers a wide array of online resources to our community members.  In an effort to provide information that is readily available and easily accessible, we have included a brief description of each of the resources along with a link for you to click on.  This information is also available on our website at www.santacruzpolice.com. 

·         Abandoned Vehicles  - Click Here to Report
·         Community Alerts and Notifications – Click Here to Sign Up
·         Crime Maps of Santa Cruz – Click Here
·         Crime Statistics:
        Click Here for Monthly Statistics
        Click Here for Annual Statistics
·         Crime Tips – Click Here to Report a Crime Tip
·         Entertainment Permits and Conditions – Click Here
·         Loud or Unruly Party House List – Click Here
·         Media Release Log – Click Here
·         Mobile App:
        iPhone and iPad Users Click Here
        Droid Users Click Here
·         Online Crime Reporting – Click Here
·         Press Releases – Click Here
·         Report a Crime – Click Here
·         Ride-Along Program – Click Here
·         Santa Cruz Police Department Website – Click Here
·         Social Media:
       Facebook – Click Here
 Twitter – Click Here
 YouTube – Click Here
 Flickr – Click Here
·         Traffic Complaint – Click Here to Report a Traffic Complaint
·        Trespass Letter - Click Here