January 11, 2013

"Top 10" Most Common Calls in 2012

We are often asked, "What are your most common calls for service?"  After looking over data for 2012, here is our “Top 10 List” of calls, starting with the most common:

  1. Proactive Policing (proactive enforcement, extra checks, foot patrols, park checks, etc) 
  2. Suspicious Person and Activity
  3. Traffic (collisions, hit & run, traffic control) 
  4. Disturbances (fights or pending fights, arguments)
  5. Trespassing 
  6. Medical Call Requiring Police Presence 
  7. Noise Disturbances (loud music, parties) 
  8. Illegal Camping 
  9. Public Intoxication 
  10. Drug Activity

There are many more call types, in fact hundreds of call types.  These are just the most common as calculated by our dispatch records in 2012.