May 22, 2013

Department Photo Snapped Today

The Police Department lined up in Class A uniforms for a department photo at the Lighthouse.   The last department photo was in 2008.  Here is a sneak preview

This was the first time the entire department has been together since the memorial service for Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.  Chief Vogel addressed the department and dedicated the photo to Butch and Elizabeth.  A full size photo of Butch and Elizabeth was placed on easels and included in the department photo. 

All members of the department displayed their newly issued uniform pins honoring the memory of Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.  The pins will be a permanent part of the police uniform and will forever honor their legacy.  The pins contain the officers’ badge numbers above the “Thin Blue Line” and the date of their “End of Watch” below the line.   The pins will be issued in perpetuity to new officers.  New members of the department will be required to earn their pin by completing a research project on Butch and Elizabeth, the concept of honor, and their own responsibility to honor the legacy of Butch and Elizabeth in all that they do as they serve this community.    

Special thanks to Parks & Rec for their help with getting the grounds prepared and logistics.  Also a special thanks to Ken Morse from Lifesaver Towing for transporting the bleachers to the Lighthouse to use as risers.  

Jon Covello from Covello & Covello Photography snapped the photo as he has done dating back decades.