May 3, 2013

Indecent Exposure Suspect Arrested

On April 23, 2013 a case of Indecent Exposure was reported to the Santa Cruz Police Department.  Witnesses reported the suspect was in a car masturbating while watching a young girl’s soccer team practice at lower De Laveaga Park.  The soccer team consisted of girls in their young teens. 

Mr. Leslie was spotted by an adult who was arriving to participate in the city’s softball league at the park.  The suspect was confronted by a group of men's softball players who were arriving for the regularly scheduled city softball league.   He fled from the park at that point.  

Detectives conducted follow up to learn and confirm the identity of the suspect.    Today (May 3rd) a $10,000 arrest warrant was obtained for suspect Charles Joseph Leslie Jr. charging him with a violation of 314.1 Penal Code – Indecent Exposure. Because he was not observed by the teens, he could not be charged with the more serious offense of Child Annoying. 

Mr. Leslie was arrested today on the warrant.  During the investigation, Mr. Leslie authored a letter and made a number of statements to investigators both rationalizing his behavior, and indicating a fantasy driven motive. 

Mr. Leslie drives a maroon Volkswagon Golf with California License Plate #3HHH878.  

The police department recommends community members keep a cautious watch for Mr. Leslie should he be released from jail. 

Here is his photo: