August 12, 2013

Suspects Arrested in the Murray Street Shooting

The good news is that all the suspects from our last two shootings are in custody.  In addition to these cases, we have developed some great breaks and are making significant progress in a couple of other cases.  Hopefully, we will have more to say about those in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile..... 

The Santa Cruz Police Department announces the identities and photos of the suspects arrested in connection with an attempted homicide gang shooting on Murray Street August 10, 2013.  One of the involved suspects is a 15 year old juvenile and will not be identified because of his status.  The following 3 adult suspects were arrested:

Isaac Saavedra – 20 year, Watsonville resident

Driver of the suspect car

Marcos Nunez – 27 years, Freedom Resident

Arrested by Santa Cruz Police Department K-9

Julio Nunez – 25 years, Freedom Resident

Captured after car stop

 In addition to the arrests, Santa Cruz Police Department Detectives and members of our tactical team served three search warrants at locations in and around Watsonville on Saturday night.  Warrants were served in the 100 block of Landes Street, 100 block of Carnation Drive and the 200 block of Clifford St.  Detectives collected valuable evidence from all 3 search warrant locations.