September 9, 2013

Santa Cruz Police Featured on Austrian TV News

The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to gain international acclaim for our innovative Predictive Policing program through PredPol. 

We were recently featured on Austrian Television Network ORF in two segments on their news shows.  

Break out your colloquial German and you can watch the two segments here: 
4-minute feature

News feature

Although I have no idea what they are saying, thanks to the miracle of Google Translator, I know they introduced the piece on their Website as this:

"Ein Programm, dass der Polizei Verbrechen voraussagt? Was klingt wie in einem Science Fiction Film, ist in den USA bereits Realit├Ąt."


"A program that predicts crimes to the police? What sounds like a science fiction movie, is already a reality in the United States."

As well as the U.S., our Predictive Policing program has now been featured on major news programs, magazines and radio in the U.K., Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, South Korea, Thailand, and Brazil.  We will be meeting with the Netherlands TV tomorrow.  

In addition to news exposure, we have consulted police officials from these and many more countries.  In fact, the Swedish police will be visiting later this month.   

We have to admit, it is pretty fun for Santa Cruz to have an opportunity to influence policing around the globe.