March 13, 2014

Beware of This Guy and His Truck - Casing Homes and Stealing Mail

Keep your eyes peeled for this guy and his truck. 

Home video surveillance captured the images for us.  These images depict him on two separate days at the home.

He took packages from the porch of a home on Westmoor Court.

Turns out he also visited the house a few weeks prior to the theft.  On that occasion, our suspect rang the doorbell and boy-oh-boy was he surprised when a home guest came to the door.  Befuddled by this, he came up with a lame, “Is Dave Here”.  Guess what….”Dave’s not home”. 

Folks…..we call this activity…”casing” and we call him a "Crook". 

We later found the discarded package boxes over on Plateau Ave.

Our suspect is described as a Hispanic Male in his 20’s.  Thin build and very short close-cropped hair.

His truck appears to be a black Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab or similar with a black utility/tool box in the bed.

Give us a call if you recognize him.  Better yet, if he is in your neighborhood, watch him and call 9-1-1.