March 31, 2014

Help us Identify This Battery Suspect

OK Santa Cruz…You are on a roll.  You have been pretty successful in helping us identify troublemakers this year.  Let’s see if we can keep the streak alive. 

This guy was quite intoxicated and asked the hotel staff to call him a cab. 

When the cab didn’t come fast enough for him, he hauled off and punched an employee at the Paradox Hotel early Monday morning….we're talking 2:30 AM kind of early.  He then piled into the cab that said employee was kind enough to call for him. 

When the Cabbie was alerted by police he pulled to the side of the road with our suspect in the back.  The suspect jumped out of the cab and fled.  Our suspect said his name was “Zack” and lived around 26th or 27th Ave. 

We are pretty sure someone will recognize him and send us the tip.  You can submit an anonymous tip via our smartphone app or Website. 

“Zack”….if you are reading this, you might want to consider coming in and talking with us before the inevitable warrant gets issued. 

Thanks Santa Cruz!