April 21, 2014

New Video on Robbery of Elderly Couple

OK Team.....This is new video that captures our suspects just prior to the attack on our 86 year old couple.  

We obtained this from a business on Center Street who was kind enough to search their video and share it with us.  

Our suspects appear about 41 seconds into the video in the upper left corner.  They cross Center Street walking toward the camera, and then move left out of camera sight.  Once again, it is not world class video, but it is what we have.  We are hoping someone will recognize them and give us a tip.  

You can call our Investigations Unit directly at (831) 420-5820.  You can also send a tip anonymously via out text a tip program through our smartphone app or Website.  You can also phone in an anonymous tip at (831) 420-5995.