June 6, 2014

Attempted Homicide Suspect Arrested for Shooting.....Officer Injured During the Arrest.

The Santa Cruz Police Department announces the arrest of the following suspect for Attempted Homicide:

Jose Xilonzochilt – 18 years, Santa Cruz resident

Suspect's Booking Photo
Suspect's "I'm a Gangster" Photo
On June 5, 2014 at 10:30 PM, Mr. Xilonzochilt was arrested during a traffic stop in the 100 block of Trinity Street.  He was driving a white 193 Honda Accord when he was stopped for a traffic violation.  

During the stop, Mr. Xilonzochilt attempted to give a false name.  The officer recognized Mr. Xilonzochilt as a wanted suspect for this attempted homicide case.   

At the beginning of his shift, Detectives attended the swing shift roll call briefing and announced the identification of Mr. Xilonzochilt as the shooter in this case, and the probable cause for his arrest.  A bulletin was issued for Mr. Xilonzochilt’s arrest.  

As the officer attempted to take Mr. Xilonzochilt into custody, a violent fight ensued.  Mr. Xilonzochilt attempted to remove the officer’s handgun from his holster during the fight.  A second officer assisted and deployed a Taser as Mr. Xilonzochilt was attempting to remove the officer’s handgun.  Mr. Xilonzochilt was subsequently controlled and taken into custody.  During the arrest, Mr. Xilonzochilt was found in possession of methamphetamine and heroin.  

The officer is a 12 year veteran of the department.  He sustained injuries and was treated at Dominican Hospital.  He is expected to be off work for several days while he recovers. 

Here's a little background on the original shooting:

On May 19, 2014, the Santa Cruz Police Department investigated a shooting that occurred near Third Street and Raymond Street. In that case, 4 San Jose residents were shot at following a confrontation in the Beach Flats neighborhood.  The confrontation erupted over non- specific territorial gang tensions between Norteno gangs (Claim color red and number 14) and Sureno gangs (Claim color blue and number 13).  One member of the San Jose group, a 20 year old pregnant female, was struck by one of the rounds and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Our investigation identified Mr. Xilonzochilt as the shooter in this case.  Mr. Xilonzochilt is a Beach Flats Sureno gang member and has a history of police contacts and arrests for gang related activity.

Mr. Xilonzochilt was booked into jail on multiple felony charges, including Attempted Homicide, Possession of Narcotics, Resisting Arrest, Attempting to Take an Officer’s Firearm, and Participation in a Criminal Street Gang.

Absolutely excellent work by the Detectives to identify our suspect and the Officers making the arrest.  We're wishing you a speedy recovery!