October 27, 2014

Safety Enhancement Zone and Road Closures for Halloween

Halloween is quickly coming.  We actually begin lining up all the logistics and preparing for this around April each year.  Lt. Warren Barry is the master strategist behind this year’s plan and he is ready to go.  
We will have over 100 police officers and a ton of private security, to give an adequate uniform presence helping ensure the night stays safe for all. 

As you might have guessed, alcohol-fueled problems tend to be what occupies most of our responses.  Our strategy is early intervention of potential problems, so that they don’t grow into bigger problems later in the night. 

If you are drunk and/or a problem, we’ll have plenty of officers there to help ensure you spend the night at the most bizarre costume party in town……the jail drunk tank on Halloween night. 

To help out with the problems, we have again initiated a Safety Enhancement Zone.  This means there will be triple fines for offenders and road closures for traffic safety.  Here is a map of the triple fine area along with some examples of fines. 
Here is a list of the road closure and No Parking times & locations. 
We will also have additional officers out in the rest of the vicinity to make sure tings stay safe for those Trick-Or-Treater’s.  Please drive safe and smart through our city streets, and beware of those little ones out and about.   

The bottom line……enjoy the night.  Stay Smart – Stay Sober – Stay Safe.