November 13, 2014

Name That Thief is Back.... Help Us Identify a Suspect Stealing a Security Camera

"Name That Thief" Is Back

This time it is a video round, with a couple of still images to help.  You have been remarkable in helping us identify our thieves this year.  Let's see if we can identify this one!!  

On November 10th, we took a report from a homeowner who had his video camera stolen in the middle of the night.  The good news is that the camera captured and stored the thief’s image and he moved in for the take. 

The suspect appears on the right hand edge of the screen smoking a cigarette in the middle of the night.  He then moves in to snag the camera.  The video shows him struggling to remove the camera and eventually he is able to dislodge it from the mounting plate.  Our victim wakes up the following morning to find his camera has been taken……but alas, there is video.  
Here are a few still images we are able to capture from the video. 

Help us identify this thief and make his next image a mugshot!!

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit (831) 420-5820.  Anonymous tips can also be sent to the police department through our Tip Line (831) 420-5995, or from our Website; .  Tipsters can also submit an anonymous tip via our smartphone app or from an SMS text.  Visit our Website for instructions.