November 24, 2014

Santa Cruz High School Update - Monday November 24th

Our team of detectives worked through the weekend sorting through forensic information. We also continue to work and consult with our Federal colleagues.    There is no new information to publicly report, but we are pleased with the progress of the investigation.

Meanwhile, we continue to have additional security measures in place at Santa Cruz High School as well as our other city schools.   We are confident in our security assessment and we remain committed to ensuring a safe campus environment.  

An unidentified person claiming to be responsible for the threat, again contacted the Sentinel newspaper today (Monday November 24th).  They claimed to be responsible for the arson of vehicles in the Aptos area that occurred overnight.  In coordination with the Sheriff's Office, we were unable to confirm any of the crime scene details provided by the person, and deemed the claim of responsibility was not credible.

In spite of the lack of credibility in the claim, we consulted with the school district and without hesitation; they have decided to provide additional overnight security to a number of campuses, including Santa Cruz High School.  The additional security will stay in place at least through this week, even while school is not in session. 

Thank you all for staying engaged as well as your support and patience.  The security of our students and staff is a top priority for us.  We will update the community with any breaking information on the status of the investigation.