December 24, 2015

Not So Secret SCPD Santa

While enforcement may be the most visible part of our job, it is not the only component of keeping a community safe.  Everyday our SCPD team reaches out with acts of kindness that are not highlighted in the news. SCPD is proud of all of the community service provided by our team.
One example is that for many years Sergeant Bill Azua has been a “Secret Santa” to the community.  At Christmas and other times of the year, he is known for handing out gifts to many underprivileged children in our community. This year, he added another dimension to his holiday projects. Sergeant Azua saw that some of our population living outside needed that show of kindness. He put into action a plan to get essentials to homeless people for staying warm and dry on some of our coldest nights.
Thanks to the support of three generous donors and a team of SCPD Officers "Elves", the Santa Cruz Police Department was able to meet the needs of a few truly homeless and less fortunate individuals.  As they encountered people throughout their shift, officers were able to hand out cookies, food vouchers, warm socks, gloves and rain ponchos to those in need on our recent cold nights.

SCPD offered the cold weather supplies and food voucher without any expectation other than to help these folks get through a cold night.

Sergeant Azua and his team of officers were greeted with handshakes and smiles of gratitude.

Sergeant Azua said, “Compassion is more than words, it is defined by action.  Sometimes our role calls for enforcement, while other times it calls for grace and meeting a need.”

Officer Howard-Gibbon "Elf" and Sgt. Azua "Santa"
Special thanks go out to our community partners who donated money and food for this special project.
Mandel Communication, Pacific Cookie Company and Joe's Pizza and Subs on Pacific Avenue. THANK YOU for your support!