May 7, 2016

2nd Annual Never Forget Relay 2016

SCPD rallied four teams in the 2nd Annual Never Forget Relay Run held in Aptos Park last Saturday. We were running with 18 other agencies  representing First Responders and public safety professionals  from around the county with relay teams ready to run for a great cause. 
This event raises awareness and funds for the Fallen Officer Foundation, a local organization dedicated to providing support and financial assistance to Santa Cruz County First Responders and their families during times of crisis and special need.
Our community is protected everyday by a courageous and amazing group of men and women serving on the front line in Law Enforcement, Fire, Paramedics and Public Safety. Additionally, we have many who serve as vital support, such as dispatchers, Probation, District Attorney's Office, and the Courts. 
The event organizers send out a heartfelt thank you to  all of the runners, volunteers, and sponsors for their participation and support.

The Fallen Officer Foundation is accepting donations to make this fund raising event possible next year. Contributions are tax deductible (Fallen Officer Foundation Tax No. 13-4282250) and all donations will go directly to the funding of this Never Forget Memorial Relay. More info available at