October 22, 2014

Christian LeMoss Promoted to Lieutenant

The Santa Cruz Police Department is proud to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Christian LeMoss.  
Lieutenant LeMoss started his career as a Reserve Police Officer.  He worked as a Reserve for three years before we finally picked him up off waivers and hired him as a full time Police Officer in 1994.   

Christian didn't waste any time getting a broad range of experience.  He has served in a number of roles throughout the department.  Some of his highlights include work as a Field Training Officer responsible for training new police officers, Beat Coordinator managing long-term neighborhood issues and connecting resources, and the Downtown Unit working foot patrol with business owners and community members.  Lieutenant LeMoss has also worked as a detective assigned to investigate homicide, sexual assault and domestic violence crimes. 

Lieutenant LeMoss is a founding member of the Department’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) tactical team.  He has developed training and procedures to make the team tactically sound and safe during emergency operations. 

Chief Vogel stated, “I am proud to promote Christian to the position of Lieutenant.  He brings a synergy of solid tactical skills and management sense.  He will be a vital part of moving the department forward to face the challenges ahead”.  

Lieutenant LeMoss grew up in Santa Cruz County after his Jr. High years.  He is a proud Aptos High Alumni and holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  He lives in the Santa Cruz area with his wife and two children.    

Lieutenant LeMoss' promotion fills one of two Lieutenant vacancies in the organization, created by retirements.  His addition to the Operations Watch Commander team will bring significant relief and will be a welcome and needed addition.  

Please join us in congratulating Lieutenant Christian LeMoss!   

October 8, 2014

Suspect from "Most Wanted" List, Turns Himself In

One of our “Most Wanted” suspects turned himself in to the CHP office in Aptos on Tuesday afternoon.  Our friends at the CHP were happy to pick up the assist on this one and promptly gave Detective Williams a call, letting him know they had his guy. 

Here is our suspect Jesus Tello.  
Mr. Tello is 29 years old and hails from Castroville, CA.  Mr. Tello also goes by the name “Jesse Lopez”. 

Jesus Tello was wanted in connection with a March 2014 robbery at the 7-Eleven Store on Mission Street.  Truly amazing detective work by Detective Damon Williams identified Mr. Tello as one of the suspects involved in this robbery.  According to the suspect, he knew he was wanted and was tired of living “on the lam”.

During his interview, our suspect denied any involvement in the robbery.  His story rated a full 4 “Pants On Fire” as we pointed out his fingerprints were all over the evidence and his image was on video evidence as well. 
Turns out, our suspect was the “Wheel Man” for the getaway car during this heist. 

Off to jail he went.  Good teamwork all around….from the detective, to the media to the CHP. 

October 2, 2014

Hit & Run - Attempt Homicide Suspect Captured

For those of you suffering from Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns), this case justifies your concerns. 

Our suspect was arrested for Attempted Homicide after our investigation showed he intentionally ran down a bicyclist in a case of mistaken identity.  Witnesses also reported that the driver of the suspect truck was wearing a rubber clown mask when he ran down the bicyclist.   

The suspect is Jeremy Lee Anecito - 28 years old from the live Oak area of Santa Cruz

The collision occurred last Wednesday, September 24th at about 8:45 AM.  Witnesses told us the suspect intentionally accelerated and swerved to strike the bicyclist.  Turns out, Mr. Anecito was looking to exact some revenge, but......he mistook this bicyclist for someone with whom he has an ongoing dispute.   (After reading that, did you find yourself saying, "WOW")   

The collision occurred as the truck was traveling eastbound on Soquel Avenue crossing the San Lorenzo River Bridge.  The bicyclist was traveling eastbound along the westbound lanes (against the flow of traffic).  Witnesses reported that the pickup truck accelerated to the point of squealing tires and driving on the wrong side of the road to hit the bicyclist. 

Outstanding detective work eventually led to the discovery of the truck and then the driver.  

On October 1st, the truck was discovered in the parking garage for the Saint George Hotel.  The truck was impounded for evidence and will be processed next week.  The truck is a green 1995 Chevy pickup truck.  The truck had damage consistent with the collision on the right rear. 

And yes, there is actually a clown mask still in the truck. 

Mr. Anecito was found in a room at the Saint George.  He has a history of arrests with our department.

Evidence and information in the case, including limited admissions by Mr. Anectio led to the charge of Attempted Homicide as this was clearly an intentional act. Here is the damage to the bicycle:

The bicyclist is a 39 year old transient from Santa Cruz.  He too has a history of contacts and arrests with law enforcement.  The bicyclist sustained injuries that were initially life-threatening, so he was airlifted to a Bay Area trauma center, where he is expected to recover.   

October 1, 2014

Officer Mark Bailey Retires After 26-1/2 Years

The Santa Cruz Police Department sends a fond farewell to Officer Mark Bailey after 26 ½ years on the force.  Mark attended his last roll call today before riding off into retirement. Deputy Chief Rick Martinez presented Mark with a certificate of appreciation from Governor Jerry Brown.  

Mark was hired on February 1, 1988. Here he his showing up for his first day of orientation
He retires as the third –most senior member of the department. Here he is in a photo with the department's most senior members.
Left to Right, Sgt. Jack McPhillips, Chief Kevin Vogel, DC Steve Clark, Officer Mark Bailey
Mark has enjoyed a number of assignments in his tenure with the department.  Mark left his fingerprint on the organization as a as a Field Training Officer, responsible for teaching and molding our new recruits into the department.  Many of the officers working today were trained by him. 

Mark was one of the first officers to work in the department’s DUI Unit, before being assigned to the traffic unit where he rode a motorcycle for years.  He was not only responsible for enforcement, but also investigation of collisions, including major injuries or fatalities. 

In his years, Mark served the city and the department well.  He will be missed by his friends and colleagues here at the police department.  Here’s wishing Officer Mark Bailey a fantastic and well-deserved retirement.  

September 30, 2014

Great Patrol Work Captures Suspect That Took Bike From a Backyard in Middle of the Night

Great patrol work by Officer Ben Whaley results in the arrest of a bike theft suspect and 2 of the suspect’s cohorts. 

While most of us are asleep comfortably in our homes, there is a whole crew of dedicated SCPD Officers working to keep the city safe and respond to your needs.  Officer Ben Whaley is one of those dedicated officers. 

Officer Whaley was called to take a bike theft report at 1:30 AM in the 900 block of Cayuga Street.  The victim was awakened by the sound of someone going through her backyard.  She caught a glimpse of the suspect taking her bicycle from the backyard and riding away. 

While Officer Whaley took the report, other officers circulated the area to no avail.  After completing the report, Officer Whaley kept an eagle eye for any suspicious looking characters out in the early morning hours. 

At about 2:20 AM, Officer Whaley spotted our suspect along with two of his drug-using cohorts in the Chevron lot at Ocean and Soquel.  They were at the Chevron putting air in the tire of the bicycle they had stolen just an hour before. 

Officer Whaley (and a few of his friends in blue) stopped our suspects in the Chevron lot.  Our suspect makes up a story about owning the bicycle and buying it a week and a half ago.  The bicycle had some distinctive features, so we knew his story was rated a solid “4 Pinocchio’s” on the liar scale. 

We called the victim and she shows up to positively ID her bicycle and provide pictures for proof.  Thanks to Officer Whaley, she gets her bike back which was otherwise doomed to a “rattle can” flat-black spray paint job. 

Turns out our suspect is (drumroll please)…….on Probation.  He has a long, long history of arrests with our department alone.  This makes his 4th arrest this year.  He is identified as

Gabriel (Gabe) Langan – 24 years old – Transient
Mr. Langan was arrested for Possession of Stolen Property, Theft, and Violation of Probation. 

Now for his two friends.

Mr. Donovan Dehart was in the company of Mr. Langan.   
Turns out he had a warrant for his arrest out of Campbell, CA for drug charges.  Not only that, but he was in possession of drug paraphernalia and heroin.  Mr. Dehart was promptly taken into custody and booked in jail. 

Mr. Caleb McGuire was also contacted with our suspects.   
Mr. McGuire is also on Probation.  He too, has a history of multiple arrests and this occasion memorialized his 4th arrest by SCPD this year.  Mr. McGuire was found in possession of drug paraphernalia.  He too was arrested. 

Great work by Officer Whaley and our brave victim.