October 30, 2014

New Phone Scam Pretending to be the Police Department

The Santa Cruz Police Department has been alerted to a new phone scam being perpetrated on parents of UCSC students.  Parents of UCSC students have received phone calls where the caller indicates their student has active warrants and owes money for the warrants.  The caller has tried to collect money for the bogus warrants.

The caller ID on the incoming call has been programmed to indicate the business line phone number for the Santa Cruz Police Department (831) 420-5800. 

These calls are not coming from the Santa Cruz Police Department.  The police department does not accept payment for warrant bail amounts.  All warrant bails are paid through the Court Clerk’s office and not the police department.  Additionally, the police department and the Sheriff’s Office do not make phone calls soliciting money for warrant bails. 

Our best advice is Never, Never, Never, Never make "payments" or reveal personal information over the phone or online to anyone you do not know. Too many crooks are trying to steal your info and they will do bad things to your credit and bank accounts.

If anyone has received such a call, please contact our dispatch center to file a report (831) 471-1131, or file an online report on our Website www.santacruzpolice.com.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of a call initiated from the police department, you can always hang up and call us at our dispatch center or business line to verify.

Historically in phone scams, callers have bullied the victim becoming aggressive and threatening.   If you receive a call where the caller bullies or threatens, simply hang up and call 9-1-1.   If it is really the police and if we really want you.....we'll be there in a jiffy. 

October 29, 2014

Couple Arrested Again for Felony Violations

The last time we wrote about this couple, they were arrested after Mr. Pineda was found packing around a loaded .45 caliber handgun in his car 

and Ms. Feurtado was found in possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia, while in violation of her probation terms.   
Back on August 25th, we posted them on our blog here:

Fast-forward to last Saturday night October 25th, our Neighborhood Enforcement Team was out on the prowl and much to their surprise, they found these two out of custody and cruising about on Ross Street near Highland Ave.  For those of you keeping critical stats, they were in a silver Toyota Tercel, License Plate #3NDZ636.  The math on this one is simple:

   This Car
+ Your Neighborhood
= Public Safety Concern

When our officers contacted the pair inside the car, we had our canine officer with Argus the Wonder Dog show up and help with a search.  Argus hit on a Canada Dry soda can that looked like it had seen better days. 

That’s because it wasn’t really a soda can, it was one of those can safes.   

And inside the can wasn’t Canada Dry, but rather a healthy amount of Mexico brown tar heroin with a splash of Santa Cruz methamphetamine.  We also found a digital scale and drug packaging material. 

Ms. Feurtado was once again found in possession of drug paraphernalia, and once again in violation of her probation terms. 

ONCE AGAIN….this couple was booked into jail for felony charges.  Mr. Pineda for transporting and possession of drugs for sales, as well as his felony committed while out on bail.  Ms. Feurtado was booked for violating her probation terms and for being in possession of the drug paraphernalia.

Another great case from our Neighborhood Enforcement Team and Argus!!!

October 27, 2014

Safety Enhancement Zone and Road Closures for Halloween

Halloween is quickly coming.  We actually begin lining up all the logistics and preparing for this around April each year.  Lt. Warren Barry is the master strategist behind this year’s plan and he is ready to go.  
We will have over 100 police officers and a ton of private security, to give an adequate uniform presence helping ensure the night stays safe for all. 

As you might have guessed, alcohol-fueled problems tend to be what occupies most of our responses.  Our strategy is early intervention of potential problems, so that they don’t grow into bigger problems later in the night. 

If you are drunk and/or a problem, we’ll have plenty of officers there to help ensure you spend the night at the most bizarre costume party in town……the jail drunk tank on Halloween night. 

To help out with the problems, we have again initiated a Safety Enhancement Zone.  This means there will be triple fines for offenders and road closures for traffic safety.  Here is a map of the triple fine area along with some examples of fines. 
Here is a list of the road closure and No Parking times & locations. 
We will also have additional officers out in the rest of the vicinity to make sure tings stay safe for those Trick-Or-Treater’s.  Please drive safe and smart through our city streets, and beware of those little ones out and about.   

The bottom line……enjoy the night.  Stay Smart – Stay Sober – Stay Safe. 

October 22, 2014

Christian LeMoss Promoted to Lieutenant

The Santa Cruz Police Department is proud to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Christian LeMoss.  
Lieutenant LeMoss started his career as a Reserve Police Officer.  He worked as a Reserve for three years before we finally picked him up off waivers and hired him as a full time Police Officer in 1994.   

Christian didn't waste any time getting a broad range of experience.  He has served in a number of roles throughout the department.  Some of his highlights include work as a Field Training Officer responsible for training new police officers, Beat Coordinator managing long-term neighborhood issues and connecting resources, and the Downtown Unit working foot patrol with business owners and community members.  Lieutenant LeMoss has also worked as a detective assigned to investigate homicide, sexual assault and domestic violence crimes. 

Lieutenant LeMoss is a founding member of the Department’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) tactical team.  He has developed training and procedures to make the team tactically sound and safe during emergency operations. 

Chief Vogel stated, “I am proud to promote Christian to the position of Lieutenant.  He brings a synergy of solid tactical skills and management sense.  He will be a vital part of moving the department forward to face the challenges ahead”.  

Lieutenant LeMoss grew up in Santa Cruz County after his Jr. High years.  He is a proud Aptos High Alumni and holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  He lives in the Santa Cruz area with his wife and two children.    

Lieutenant LeMoss' promotion fills one of two Lieutenant vacancies in the organization, created by retirements.  His addition to the Operations Watch Commander team will bring significant relief and will be a welcome and needed addition.  

Please join us in congratulating Lieutenant Christian LeMoss!   

October 8, 2014

Suspect from "Most Wanted" List, Turns Himself In

One of our “Most Wanted” suspects turned himself in to the CHP office in Aptos on Tuesday afternoon.  Our friends at the CHP were happy to pick up the assist on this one and promptly gave Detective Williams a call, letting him know they had his guy. 

Here is our suspect Jesus Tello.  
Mr. Tello is 29 years old and hails from Castroville, CA.  Mr. Tello also goes by the name “Jesse Lopez”. 

Jesus Tello was wanted in connection with a March 2014 robbery at the 7-Eleven Store on Mission Street.  Truly amazing detective work by Detective Damon Williams identified Mr. Tello as one of the suspects involved in this robbery.  According to the suspect, he knew he was wanted and was tired of living “on the lam”.

During his interview, our suspect denied any involvement in the robbery.  His story rated a full 4 “Pants On Fire” as we pointed out his fingerprints were all over the evidence and his image was on video evidence as well. 
Turns out, our suspect was the “Wheel Man” for the getaway car during this heist. 

Off to jail he went.  Good teamwork all around….from the detective, to the media to the CHP.