March 21, 2017

SCPD Relaunches Chief’s Advisory Committee

Santa Cruz Police Department Announces the Reinstatement of Chief’s Advisory Committee

Deputy Chief Rick Martinez announced today the reformation of the Chief’s Advisory Committee.
 The panel provides a forum for discussion and presents the Chief with a diverse spectrum of viewpoints represented by our community members. The Chief’s Advisory Committee further creates an avenue for greater understanding between police and community and promotes public input into the Department’s policies, strategies, and priorities.
The Santa Cruz Police Chief’s Advisory Committee consists of local leaders in the field of homelessness, mental health, education, faith, social justice, as well as neighborhood, business and community leaders. The Committee will address the most pressing issues facing the Santa Cruz Police Department, specifically around Department policies and accountability, and provide critical feedback to the Department on these issues. The discussions allow the Department to engage and collaborate with the community in a comprehensive manner with goals of increasing public safety, confidence and trust.

“We are fortunate to work with such a diverse and qualified group of people to review imminent policies such as body cameras,” said Deputy Chief Martinez.  “The relaunch of the Chief’s Advisory Committee gives community members a greater voice and most importantly builds public trust.  The input shared will assist the Department in refining our community policing concepts, and improve public awareness about future Department initiatives.”

The panel, chaired by Deputy Chief Martinez, will meet monthly starting in April.  Positions on the Chief's Advisory Committee are voluntary and unpaid.

The Chief’s Advisory Committee includes the following members:
Robert Orrizzi- Santa Cruz Neighbors

Analicia Cube- Take Back Santa Cruz

Sarah Durant-Smith – Resource Center for Nonviolence

Steve Pleich- American Civil Liberties Union/Mental Health Client Action Network

Brent Adams- Warming Center

Brenda Griffin- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Celeste Faraola-Perie- Downtown Business Owner 

William Ow- Business Owner/Developer

Mark Hodges- Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Nane Alejandrez- Barrios Unidos 

Phil Kramer- Homeless Services Center

Beverly Brook-Peace United Church of Christ

Sharon Papo-Santa Cruz Diversity Center

Sheryl Lee- National Alliance on Mental Illness

JD Sotelo-Neighbors of Lower Ocean

The Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) is committed to working in partnership with the community to enhance public safety, prevent crime, enforce laws and protect the rights of all people through innovative problem-solving approaches.  A progressive, professional organization, SCPD officers are dedicated to conducting themselves with the highest ethical standards and the department is accountable to the community. SCPD has 94 sworn officers and 29 civilian staff to protect and serve Santa Cruz’s 64,000 residents and millions of annual visitors. Learn more at,, or via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

March 20, 2017

SCPD Officer Uses Talk To Mitigate A Mental Health Crisis

Thanks to the great work of SCPD Officers, we were able to bring a risky situation to a successful conclusion without any injuries.

On Sunday, 03/19/17, around 6:26 pm, Santa Cruz Police responded to the 100 block of Acadia Avenue regarding a subject with mental illness that was being violent. Family members described the man as having manic episodes and being physically aggressive.

Around the same time, a neighbor called the police to report that they heard a “loud bang” as if something hit his house. The neighbor, who has a restraining order against the subject, saw the subject running toward his house.

The distressed man’s family claimed he was increasingly aggressive due to his coming off his psychiatric medication. He made repeated statements of wanting to harm other people and had a recent history of physical assault.

SCPD officers first contacted the troubled man outside the home and calmed him down. At one point during the conversation, the subject jumped up, ran into the house and locked the door. Ultimately, SCPD Officers convinced him to come out of the home. SCPD transported him to Telecare Psychiatric Health Facility for further care.

In this incident, an SCPD Officer was able to connect with the person in mental crisis through conversation. Our officer was able to convince him to cooperate.

SCPD officers regularly participate in crisis intervention and de-escalation training. Crisis intervention training teaches ways to minimize the use of force with subjects who are mentally ill.

"Crisis intervention training is only one part of the solution. The overarching goal should be to get a person with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and into a system of care that adequately treats the core issues”, said Deputy Chief Rick Martinez.

SCPD is on the forefront of collaboration with behavioral health providers and advocates to improve the way our community responds to a mental health crisis.

March 16, 2017

SCPD Launches Monthly Activity Report

The Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to be publishing a new Monthly Activity Report.

The Monthly Activity Report delivers information about police department activities.  It provides crime statistics, work volumes, Part 1 and nuisance crime, use of force stats and crime trends.  The report highlights a snapshot of the typical cases handled by Santa Cruz Police Officers.

Chief Kevin Vogel stated that “by providing this monthly report to our community it will provide a better understanding of the public safety issues in our City as well as the outstanding work that our men and women do on a daily basis.”

In addition to our Patrol workload, the Santa Cruz Police Department continues to support neighborhoods, community groups and business associations by engaging them in ways to protect themselves and their property.   Community policing highlights are included in the monthly activity report.

The Monthly Activity Reports are available on SCPD’s web page and social media sites.

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, the Santa Cruz Police Department also has in-depth Uniform Crime Report  (UCR) data from 2006 to present available on our website
The Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) is committed to working in partnership with the community to enhance public safety, prevent crime, enforce laws and protect the rights of all people through innovative problem-solving approaches. A progressive, professional organization, SCPD officers are dedicated to conducting themselves with the highest ethical standards and the department is accountable to the community. SCPD has 94 sworn officers and 29 civilian staff to protect and serve Santa Cruz’s 64,000 residents and millions of annual visitors. Learn more at,, or via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

March 14, 2017

Update- Image Available of Getaway Vehicle Involved In Armed US Bank Robbery on 3/3/17

The Santa Cruz Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect and getaway vehicle in the armed US Bank robbery on March 3, 2017.
On Friday, March 3, 2017, at approximately 1:05 p.m., Santa Cruz Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at the US Bank on Morrissey Boulevard. A masked suspect entered the bank and threatened the employees at gunpoint. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money out of the cash drawers and fled. Nobody inside the bank was injured.

The suspect was last seen in an older 1993 – 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by an unknown accomplice.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: The vehicle is described as a light tan or champagne color with a charcoal bottom. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has roof racks, possible side steps, rear windows tinted.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Suspect described as a male, late 20's, 5'08" to 5'10", medium build, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, a brown beanie with a black stripe, black sunglasses, blue or black pants, dirty white shoes, wearing gloves. No tattoos or scars seen.
Anyone with information regarding this suspect or vehicle is encouraged to contact the SCPD at (831) 420-5820, Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995 or send us a tip online…/pol…/how-do-i/leave-a-crime-tip

March 13, 2017

Gun & Drugs Off The Street -SCPD Weekend Cases of Interest

SCPD Arrest Teen Gang Member with Loaded Handgun

A 16-year-old Santa Cruz gang member was arrested for possession of a concealed loaded firearm and probation violation. 

On March 11th about 10:00 pm, while on routine patrol , an SCPD officer observed the suspect juvenile male 
in the area of Foster Freeze on Laurel Street. The juvenile is a known gang member and is on probation The teen has had multiple contacts in the past with law enforcement.

When the officers approached, the suspect immediately turned away from the officers and reached for the waistband area of his pants. SCPD officers believed he had a weapon and placed the suspect in custody. A search of the juvenile recovered a loaded firearm found in the suspect’s waist area.

Officers arrested the 16-year-old juvenile from Santa Cruz and charged him with probation violations, possession of a loaded firearm in public, possession of a loaded, concealed firearm and participating in a criminal street gang.

24 Grams of Methamphetamine Off the Street

On 3/12/17 at approximately 11:11 am, SCPD Officers were patrolling the area of Canfield Ave and San Lorenzo investigating a suspicious tan-colored Toyota Camry without license plates.Officers located the car that matched the description driving through the area and followed it to the 600 block of Riverside Avenue.

During the stop, it was determined the driver Janina Miller-Morales, 27 years old from Davenport, and passenger Zenaido Gomez, 28 years old from Santa Cruz, had outstanding warrants.

Janina Miller-Morales, 27 years old from Davenport
 As Ms. Miller was exiting the car, she dropped a methamphetamine pipe on the driver side floorboard. The subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in ten bindles totaling 24 grams of methamphetamine and assorted drug paraphernalia
SCPD officers cited Ms. Miller-Morales and passenger Mr. Gomez for outstanding warrants. Janina Miller-Morales was also arrested for transporting, selling and possession of narcotic controlled substances.
Please continue to contact SCPD when suspicious activity occurs in your neighborhood. -Report suspicious activity to 9-1-1, Anonymous Tip Line (831) 420-5995 or send us a tip online at

SCPD remains dedicated to our community with ongoing efforts to keep Santa Cruz a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

March 9, 2017

SCPD Traffic Safety Message - If you can’t clear an intersection, don’t enter it.

Raising driver safety awareness is a priority for the Santa Cruz Police Department. By implementing traffic enforcement initiatives, offering tips on sharing the road, and participating in regional programs, the SCPD is improving safety on the streets for walkers, bicyclists and drivers.
If you can’t clear an intersection, don’t enter it.
The Santa Cruz Police Department Traffic Unit reminds drivers not to enter an intersection until you are sure you can make it all the way through. Wait behind the limit line, not in the crosswalk, and look to see if the vehicles in front of you on the other side of the intersection have left enough room for you to make it through without blocking or stopping in the crosswalk on the other side. This is a chronic problem with increased summer traffic, and our traffic guys do watch for this!

Blocking traffic in this way means that you have entered an intersection when cars on the other side are preventing you from making it all the way through. Per California Vehicle Code section 22526, this is illegal. If your signal light cycles to red before you can get completely through the intersection, you’re blocking cross traffic from moving forward and preventing mobility in crosswalks and bike lanes. This creates an unsafe situation and commonly results in aggressive driving behaviors by other motorists. This can lead to multiple violations such as blocking a crosswalk, failing to yield to pedestrians, bicycles or other motorists. The fine amount for a violation of 22526VC is $285.00.

March 6, 2017

iPhone App Helps Put Two Suspects with Outstanding Felony Warrants Behind Bars

On 3/5/2017, Sunday, at approximately 7:00 p.m., Santa Cruz Police responded to a laundromat in the 1900 block of Mission Street to investigate a stolen white 1994 Ford pickup truck. The officer was then flagged down by a man who identified himself as the victim of a vehicle burglary who was detaining the suspect.
The victim claimed to have had his vehicle broken into while surfing at Four Mile Beach earlier that day. The victim reported the window was smashed out, and his clothes with several items were stolen including his iPhone. He activated the "Find my iPhone app" to track the stolen phone and located it in a truck at the laundromat.
1994 Ford pickup truck stolen out of San Jose
The victim and a friend looked into the interior of the truck and saw his property in plain view.

The victim opened the truck and began to retrieve his property. The suspect, Jose Sanchez, 33 years old from Watsonville, walked out of the laundromat and inquired what they were doing in “his truck.” When they told the suspect that they were retrieving their stolen property, Mr. Sanchez became extremely nervous and then said the truck belonged to someone inside the business. He then tried to get into the truck and drive away but broke the gear shift in the process.
During the exchange, the victim was calling 911 to report the incident. Jose Sanchez ran away onto Bellevue Street when he realized SCPD was in route. The pair pursued Mr. Sanchez and detained him until SCPD arrived. In his possession, Mr. Sanchez had several credit cards and driver licenses that belonged several individuals. Mr. Sanchez was also in possession of approximately 3 grams of methamphetamine and 1 gram of heroin.

In the meantime, the victim’s friend went back to the laundromat and saw a woman walking up to the truck. She asked the victim’s friend if he’d seen where her partner had gone. He explained what took place and told her to wait for the police. The woman abandoned her laundry cart next to the truck and fled. Soon after, SCPD contacted Jessica Morrissey, 29 years old from Santa Cruz, on Bellevue and Seaside Street.

Jessica Morrissey, 29 years old from Santa Cruz
Jessica Morrissey was arrested for two outstanding felony warrants and possession of narcotic controlled substances.
Jose Sanchez, 33 years old from Watsonville

In addition to an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest, Jose Sanchez was arrested for vehicle theft, possession of narcotic controlled substances and stolen property.

SCPD encourages people to enable such security features in their portable electronic devices whenever possible and to familiarize themselves with how to use them. If your portable electronic device is stolen or lost and you are using a remote application to track its location, notify your local law enforcement agency immediately and do not take independent action to attempt to recover your property.