April 22, 2014

Security Guard Assaulted at Skate Park - Suspect Arrested

This morning, April 22, 2014 at approximately 8:25 AM, a First Alarm Security Officer was injured in an attack at Mike Fox Park. 

The skate park was closed to the public this morning because a filming crew had a permit for exclusive use of the park. 

Suspect Brain Armstrong jumped a fence to get into the park and was confronted by an on-site security officer.  The officer was hired by the film crew as part of their use permit.

Our last arrest with Mr. Armstrong found him intoxicated  on Mission Street waving a plastic sword around.....  Easy there Excaliber! 

He is 40 years old, and self identifies as "Transient". 

The security officer asked Mr. Armstrong to leave the park.  Mr. Armstrong refused to leave the park and raised his skateboard over his head while verbally threatening the security officer.  During the confrontation, Mr. Armstrong grabbed the security officer’s badge and ripped it from his shirt.  Mr. Armstrong then ran toward his truck in the parking lot of the park. 
The security officer gave chase and caught up to Mr. Armstrong at the truck.  The security officer held Mr. Armstrong in a headlock.  Mr. Armstrong was able to start his truck and threatened to run over the security officer if he did not let Mr. Armstrong go.  Witnesses also reported Mr. Armstrong had a dog in the truck and was giving his dog commands to “attack” the security guard. 

Eventually, Mr. Armstrong put his car into motion hitting the security officer with the opened door, and knocking him to the ground.  Mr. Armstrong then fled the area in his truck.  The truck is a white 1994 Toyota pickup.     

Responding officers located Mr. Armstrong in his truck a few blocks away.  Mr. Armstrong was arrested for Robbery, and Assault With a Deadly Weapon.  Mr. Armstrong  

The security guard sustained moderate injuries and was treated at the scene by emergency medical responders. 

April 21, 2014

New Video on Robbery of Elderly Couple

OK Team.....This is new video that captures our suspects just prior to the attack on our 86 year old couple.  

We obtained this from a business on Center Street who was kind enough to search their video and share it with us.  

Our suspects appear about 41 seconds into the video in the upper left corner.  They cross Center Street walking toward the camera, and then move left out of camera sight.  Once again, it is not world class video, but it is what we have.  We are hoping someone will recognize them and give us a tip.  

You can call our Investigations Unit directly at (831) 420-5820.  You can also send a tip anonymously via out text a tip program through our smartphone app or Website.  You can also phone in an anonymous tip at (831) 420-5995. 

Easter Weekend Roundup With 3 Cases of Interest

The Easter weekend found the Santa Cruz Police Department responding to 837 calls for service around the community.  We were hoppin' around from call-to-call like the Easter Bunny!!  Among the weekend excitement were these three incidents: 

Burglary suspects caught after breaking into Santa Cruz Floral on Ocean Street. 

Early Saturday morning around 3:15 AM, we responded to an alarm at the floral shop.  We found the glass front door to the business broken and a glass door to a cooler inside the business smashed. 

Alert community members called in a description of a grey 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer seen leaving the area.  It was a great tip, as we found the car at the Chevron station @ Ocean and Water Street.  Seems our suspects forgot to fill up prior to committing the heist and trying to get out of town.

In and around the car were these four, with the “wheelman”, Mr. Timney “fillin’ ‘er up”.  
Matthew Timney - 20 Years - Castro Valley, CA

Rebecka Quezada - 18 Years - Castro Valley, CA 

Diego Delgado - 19 Years - San Leandro, CA

Landon Spearman III - 18 Years - Castro Valley, CA

Seems these three traveled from out of town to attend a party.  During their stay they decided to burglarize the floral business.  We're not sure who they intended the flowers for.  

Three of the four are from Castro Valley, with the fourth being from San Leandro.  All four had glass shards in their shoes after walking through the broken glass from the front door, and then breaking the glass door on a cooler inside the business.  Our four suspects were found with stolen property from the florist in the car with them.  Ms. Quezada also had some prescription narcotics (that she doesn’t have a prescription for) in her possession.   All four were booked into County Jail for charges related to this burglary. 

Citizens Help Store Security Capture Theft Suspect

On Saturday April 19th around 5:30 PM, three family members were finishing up the classic run to the grocery store at Safeway on Morrissey, when they noticed store security fighting with a theft suspect.  The Good Samaritans wasted no time and jumped into action assisting the long arm of the law. Thanks to their efforts, this guy is in custody:
James Wentworth - 33 Years - Transient
Our suspect, Mr. James Wentworth, broke free and fled through the Post Office and eventually into a neighborhood.

Undeterred, the family gave chase through backyards and over fences.  Mr. Wentworth attempted to deliver a knuckle sandwich to one of the family members but quickly found it was “returned to sender”..... with more effective results.  After knocking Mr. Wentworth down, the rest of the family arrived to help hold him down.  The cavalry arrived and transported Mr. Wentworth to jail.   

Three cheers and high-fives all around to this family for their help.  Mr. Wentworth lists his address as 115 Coral Street or "transient".  He recently arrived in town and has already established a record of contacts and arrests. 

Question:  Dude….Where’s My Cellphone?
Answer:  In the suspect’s pocket

Our victims in this case left their car parked in the 500 block of Water Street on Saturday April 20th at around 11:00 PM.  When our victims returned to their car about 15 minutes later, they discovered they had left the sunroof open and their cell phones were missing from the car.  They used another friend’s cell phone to access the cell phone tracker on one of the stolen phones.   

When our officer arrived, they tracked the phone to Ocean and Franklin Streets, (just a few blocks up). 

We radioed additional officers who attempted to stop our suspect, Mr. Evan Hunt.  Mr. Hunt is 20 years old and lists his address as 115 Coral Street.  Mr. Hunt was arrested and/or cited 7 times in 2013. 
Evan Hunt - 20 Years - Transient
Mr. Hunt was on a bicycle and took off.  The chase was on!!! 

Over the river and through the woods, we chased Mr. Hunt until our Canine Argus corralled him near the end of Pryce Street.  Good Boy Argus!!!  Here is Argus in action at a recent training! 

Mr. Hunt was found in possession of the phone that had the tracking software.  The other phone is still missing.  Also found in Mr. Hunt’s possession was a pair of bolt cutters. 

Mr. Hunt was booked into County Jail for Possession of Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest, and Possession of Burglary Tools.  

Folks....That's a wrap on our Easter Weekend!  

April 18, 2014

Help Us Find These Suspects Who Attacked An 86 Year Old Woman

OK Santa Cruz....We need you to step up BIG TIME on this one.  Video below. 

We need help identifying and locating these suspects.  These teens attacked an 86 year old woman knocking her down and trying to take her purse.  Our victim sustained serious injuries, including a broken pelvis.  We need to find these two!! 

On Wednesday April 16th, at approximately 8:40 PM, a strong arm robbery attack occurred on Center Street near Church Street.  The attack involved two males in their mid to late teens knocking down an 86 year old woman and attempting to take her purse.  The males were not successful in getting the purse and eventually ran away. 

The victim and her husband were walking home south on Center street after having dinner at a local restaurant.  The two suspects approached from the opposite direction.  The suspects ran at the victim knocking her to the ground.  While the victim was knocked to the ground, the suspects attempted to take her purse.  The victim had her purse strapped over her head and the suspects were unable to take the purse off the victim. 

Unsuccessful at taking the purse, the suspects fled northbound on Center Street. 

Detectives scoured the area for video evidence from businesses and homes in the area.  Video of the suspects after the attack was located at the City Hall complex.  Here is the video

I know.... I know the video is really grainy and lousy, but it is what we have and we're doing what we can to enhance it.  You can also catch the video on the police department's YouTube channel.  The suspect's description is as follows:

White or Hispanic Males.  Mid to late teens, dark hair. 

Both suspects were wearing shorts.  One suspect had a white T-shirt with a small logo on the left chest and a larger logo on the back, depicted here.  

The second suspect is thought have been wearing a blue and white checkered shirt which he appears to have removed after the attack.  You can see him in the background of the above picture.    

The victim has been undergoing medical treatment and care at Dominican Hospital.  Detectives are working with her for the possibility of developing a sketch of the suspect(s).    We will release a sketch if and when it becomes available. 

Anyone with information, or who might have seen these suspects in and around the downtown or Center Street area are encouraged to call the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit at (831) 420-5820.  Individuals can also submit anonymous tips via our Tipline (831) 420-5995, our smartphone app, or our Website www.santacruzpolice.com. 

April 17, 2014

FREE Gun Locks Distributed at SCPD

For those that choose to own a firearm, proper storage and safety of that weapon is of paramount importance!   

To help with that, the Police Department is giving away FREE child safety gun locks and gun safety brochure.  That’s right.....FREE. 

You can pick up a FREE gun lock and gun safety brochure at our lobby Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  We will give you as many as you need.   

Did we mention they are......say it with me - FREE!    

The gun locks and brochures are provided in collaboration with Project Childsafe.  For more information on the safe handling and storage of firearms, visit their Website at:

If you choose to own a firearm…..Please help promote responsibility and safe gun ownership.