December 5, 2018

Remarkable Teamwork By Santa Cruz Police Apprehends Suspect Cody Franklin

Around 2:00 am on Tuesday, December 4th, Officers located a parked vehicle on the east side in the 1000 block of Branciforte associated with Cody Franklin, who had outstanding felony warrants for fighting with Santa Cruz Police and Santa Clara Co Sheriff. Mr. Franklin was wanted by the Santa Cruz Co Sherriff's Office for a recent felony for evading Deputies.
Cody Franklin, 28 years old, transient from Santa Cruz  
Officer made contact with Franklin's girlfriend, April Wilson, who was sitting in the front seat of a white PT Cruiser. While talking with Miss Wilson, an Officer spotted Cody Franklin hiding in the back seat. Miss Wilson was reluctant to exit the car and had to be pulled from the vehicle. As soon as she clear from the car, the suspect Franklin hopped into the driver’s seat.
Officers attempted to stop Franklin from starting the car, but he was able to do so. Franklin then accelerated in reverse, dragging one officer with the vehicle, striking another officer with the car, and nearly hitting a third officer, before ramming into a parked police vehicle.

Cody Franklin was physically removed from the vehicle and continued to fight with officers. He was tased and forcibly detained before finally being taken into custody. CHP, S.O. and Scotts Valley PD responded to our request for assistance.

After medical clearance, Mr. Franklin was booked to jail for his warrants, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer, felony DUI, probation violation, evading and resisting arrest and a few other charges. Cody Franklin is 28 years old and transient from Santa Cruz. He has a history of assaulting and injuring officers in Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County.

April Wilson, 37 years old, from Santa Cruz went to jail for resisting arrest and accessory to a crime. She helped Mr. Franklin by intentionally stalling officers thus giving him time to execute an escape.

December 1, 2018

Detective Steve Pendleton Awarded Officer of the Month for November 2018

Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to recognize Detective Steve Pendleton as  our officer of the month. Thank you for your dedication to duty and going the extra mile to serve our community.
Detective Pendleton worked tirelessly on solving the recent arson cases. His efforts lead to the identification and arrest of the two suspect arsonists. Detective Pendleton did an outstanding job of investigating the recent arson cases which affected the community and threatened public safety.
"We have a dedicated police department." Chief Mills said. "Steve is a hard-working professional for SCPD. Whether he's working as a Detective in Investigations closing cases or as a Parks Officer in our open spaces dealing with the most challenging population."

The Officer of the Month award recognizes Detective Pendelton for his 
outstanding example of work ethic excellence at SCPD.

November 27, 2018

Santa Cruz City Crossing Guard Recognition And Commendation

Thank you Santa Cruz City Crossing Guards for walking children safely across streets to and from school, twice a day, every day.
Today, City Council and Santa Cruz Police Department proudly commend our Santa Cruz City Crossing Guards. Richard W. Bartlett, Jerry A. Cacace, Antonio Tovar, Stephen A. Fuehrer, Gail Marizette, Christine Nordquist Welch, Mark Steven Okamoto, William Poncetta, and Debra L. Stephens

Your dedication and enthusiasm play a pivotal role in the daily lives of our children. You are the first line of education for the kids and parents and a visible reminder to motorists of the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Your commitment and reliability are deeply appreciated by all Police Department personnel, the City of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz School District.

On behalf of the residents of this community and your fellow city employees, we want to thank you for your vigilance in ensuring student safety around our schools.

November 8, 2018

Santa Cruz Police Department Receives Traffic Education and Enforcement Grant

The Santa Cruz Police Department has been awarded a $110,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for a year-long enforcement and public awareness program. The traffic safety program is intended to educate the public on safe roadway habits and deter people from violating traffic laws or practicing other unsafe behaviors that lead to injuries and fatalities.

“Santa Cruz continues to work towards improving our roadways for all users, and traffic enforcement is a key tool in achieving this. With the OTS grant, the department will focus on school zones surrounding bell times, strategic enforcement at locations with a history of collisions, and nighttime enforcement during weekends targeting driving under the influence.”-Santa Cruz Police Chief Andrew Mills

The grant from OTS will fund various education and enforcement activities for the 2019 federal fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019):

· DUI saturation patrols to take suspected alcohol/drug-impaired drivers – and those unlicensed or with a revoked/suspended license – off the road.

· Patrols at intersections with increased incidents of pedestrian and bike collisions.

· Speeding, red light and stop sign enforcement.

· Compilation of DUI “Hot Sheets” identifying repeat DUI offenders

· Specialized DUI and drugged driving training to identify and apprehend suspected impaired drivers.

In 2016, 3,623 people were killed in crashes across the state, a 7 percent increase from 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Particularly alarming is the rise in pedestrian deaths, with 867 pedestrians killed on California roadways in 2016, a nearly 33 percent increase from 2012. Along with the growing dangers of distracting technologies like phones and drug-impaired driving, this grant funding will provide opportunities to combat these dangerous and illegal behaviors.

“Almost all crashes are preventable,” OTS director Rhonda Craft said. “Education and enforcement go hand in hand helping change behaviors that cause devastating crashes.”

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

November 5, 2018

Another Arson Arrest - Case 18S-08311 Santa Cruz Police Media Release

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, at approximately 12:13 pm, the Santa Cruz Police and Fire Departments responded to a structure fire located at Vapor Cleaners on 285 Water Street. Fire Inspectors determined that the fire was intentionally set and classified it as an act of arson. Detectives recovered video surveillance from several nearby locations.
The following investigation led to the identification of the arson suspect Laurentino Lopez-Gomez, a 31-year-old transient in Santa Cruz.

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, while on a routine patrol, an alert Santa Cruz Ranger observed Mr. Lopez-Gomez sitting in the area along the 200 block of River Street. Ranger Roskelly recognized the arson suspect from an SCPD wanted poster and alerted patrol officers to his location.

Officers took Laurentino Lopez-Gomez into custody without incident. During an interview, Mr. Lopez-Gomez made incriminating statements and was subsequently booked for the arson.

November 1, 2018

2018 Halloween Stats and Case of Interest

An estimated 6,000 people converged on downtown Santa Cruz to celebrate Halloween last night. This event has become the largest single informal gathering in the city. The Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to announce that Halloween 2018 transpired without any significant incidents of violence during the festivities downtown. 
The Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to announce that Halloween 2018 transpired without any significant incidents of violence during the festivities downtown. 
Notable arrest downtown on Halloween Case 18S-08284
Around 9:49 pm on 10/31/18, Santa Cruz Police officers on foot patrol contacted a man too intoxicated to take care of himself. Officer located a Highpoint 380' caliber pistol inside his backpack. The gun was loaded with a magazine and a bullet in the chamber. The serial numbers on the gun were scratched off.
Jimi Carrozzo, 34-year-old transient in Santa Cruz was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon with an altered identification and an outstanding warrant.

The Santa Cruz Police Department kept busy over the 24 hours of Halloween through the night and into the early morning hours of November 1st. We handled 352 calls for service. SCPD deployed officers throughout the city as well as a significant contingent of officers on foot in the Downtown corridor. The Halloween crowd demeanor on Pacific Avenue was relatively calm and celebratory.

The Downtown Deployment reported the following activity for Halloween Night 2018:
17 Arrests
For Public intoxication, Warrants, Drugs

57 Citations Issued
36 were for Triple Fine violations. Of the Triple Fine citations issued, most were for open containers of alcohol and public urination.

For comparison, in 2017 there were 18 arrests and 42 citations. Overall, downtown Santa Cruz, arrests were down by one, and citations were up from 2017.

Halloween police presence required extra officers from law enforcement agencies, including the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office, Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team, Capitola PD, Watsonville PD, Scotts Valley PD, UCSC PD, Santa Cruz State Parks, California Highway Patrol, and Santa Cruz County Probation. Law enforcement officers from Alcohol Beverage and Control, State Parole and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Gang Team were present to support SCPD.

We want to thank all of the agencies who dedicated personnel and resources to assist the City of Santa Cruz throughout the night.

October 30, 2018

UPDATE: Suspect Arrested In Arson & Vandalism Case

CASE UPDATE: On Sunday, October 29, 2018, at approximately 3:40 p.m., a Santa Cruz Police Department Ranger observed a man walking in the 100 block of Emmett Street who resembled the description of a suspect arsonist. Soon after, Detectives contacted the suspect identified as 25-year-old Eduardo Lopez, transient in Santa Cruz. He was a match in surveillance videos from the business.
At the time of his arrest, Eduardo Lopez had two outstanding warrants and was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for arson and felony vandalism.

BACKGROUND: On August 22, 2018, around 4:44 a.m., Santa Cruz Police and Fire responded to 1100 block of River Street following the report of a small, suspicious fire within a landscaped area, across from the Tannery Arts Center. Santa Cruz Fire personnel arrived shortly after and found two small fires within the planted area. These small fires were quickly extinguished and caused only minor damage to the ground cover.
While conducting a follow-up investigation into the suspicious fires, police investigators were advised of felony vandalism that had occurred within the Tannery Arts Center complex, at about the same time. Detectives were able to recover several security videos from the surrounding area, and upon viewing them, were able to confirm the same unidentified male suspect was responsible for both crimes.