May 29, 2011

Learn About Traffic Sgt. Scott Garner!

You may know Sgt. Scott Garner as the traffic officer explaining that “yes, you were travelling 50 mph in a 25 mph zone,” but we know him internally as the sure-handed 3rd baseman of the department softball team (and someone that’s pretty good with the BBQ!).  Here are a few questions for Sgt. Garner!

What is your favorite restaurant and secret location in Santa Cruz?

Sgt. Garner:  I would have to say my favorite spot in town was Gigi’s restaurant however they were unable to afford to continue their operations in Santa Cruz. It was a nice, quiet and peaceful place to enjoy a good breakfast with good company. With that said, I would have to say my 2nd favorite restaurant would be Resturante Italiano. They have the best chicken parmesan! I’d tell you my favorite secret location but then it wouldn’t be a secret. If you find me there I’ll let you know.

Let’s talk sports. 49ers or Raiders? Giants or A’s? Why?

Sgt. Garner: 49ers because I lived in San Francisco for 5 years as a kid (Army kid on Presidio) and grew up idolizing Joe Montana although I’m also a Green Bay Packers fan. As for baseball, I’m more of a Cubs fan as most of my family lives in Illinois and I grew up watching the Cubbies. My first trip to Wrigley Field was to watch the Detroit Red Wings play the Chicago Blackhawks (hockey) for the 2009 Winter Classic! I’d have to admit my favorite professional sports team is the Detroit Red Wings (my entire office is decorated with Red Wings gear!). Yes, I’m from Michigan too! Don’t stress Sharks fans ~ you hired our assistant coach so admit it… you like the Red Wings too!

What is your favorite thing about working for Santa Cruz Police?

Sgt. Garner: I love my current assignment as the traffic sergeant. I occasionally get to ride my motorcycle which gives me a sense of freedom and I love my current team of officers. I have a great team!

What is the most memorable case you worked?

Sgt. Garner:  Most memorable cases involve helping kids get through hard times in their life. I remember a call back in the early 2000’s where a young mom and her infant were being chased down in a car by the father of the child. We ended up arresting the suspect and the mother and child weren’t hurt. I remember a few years later meeting a 4 year- old girl that came up to me and said hi. The mom then approached and I recognized her. The 4 year-old was the infant from that call. They were doing great! The mom gave me a picture of the girl and it is still hanging in my locker to remind me why I do this job.

Other than keeping speeders off the streets what are your hobbies? Tell us more about yourself.

Sgt. Garner: My current hobbies include playing ice hockey, fishing, fly-fishing, riding motorcycles (Street & Dirt), my dog and camping. I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and have traveled across the U.S. living in a lot of different states. I believe that living in so many different states has given me a broader perspective on life. I attended Central Michigan University where I played baseball and pursued a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Since 1997, I have been assigned to Patrol, worked downtown on foot and mountain bike, assigned to the traffic unit, worked investigations, was a CSI investigator and promoted to sergeant. As a sergeant, I have worked Patrol, Parks Unit and my current assignment traffic.