June 2, 2011

Learn More About Officer Dave Emigh!

You may know Officer Dave Emigh as the guy that's always quick to offer directions or follow-up on one of your questions. We know him as the most imposing member of our softball team. Height, strength and left-handed... deadly softball combo.

But his softball skills aside we figure you wanted to know more about him... so here you go!

Name your favorite spot in Santa Cruz...

Officer Emigh: I would have to say the
West Cliff Dr.
area has to be one of my favorites, although it is difficult to narrow it down to just one.  The view is incredible at any time of the year and since I proposed to my wife in that area, it has a sentimental meaning for me.

We've noticed a lot of sports gear in your house... favorite teams?

Officer Emigh: Has to be the Niners for football and as far as baseball goes, I am a Bay Area fan.  I root for both the Giants and A’s.

Other than answering blog questions, what is your favorite thing about working for SCPD?

Officer Emigh: It has to be working with some of the best people I know.  I have been able to create very positive working relationships with everyone and the friendships are important.  I have been able to incorporate my family life in with several of the fellow officers I work with and that is important to me and my family.

What is the most important or memorable case you've worked?

Officer Emigh: I have been able to be a part of several high profile cases within my career including several homicides.  I don’t want to say that any of them are more important that the other but the experiences have benefitted my experience within the department.  I am most proud of the DUI work that I have been able to accomplish.  Having some personal experience with these cases has given me the desire to pursue that avenue as well as assist in the training of other officers within the department.

Obviously keeping impared drivers off the streets is a favorite pasttime. But do you have other hobbies? Did you grow up here?

Officer Emigh: Having grown up in the area has helped greatly.  I attended primary and secondary school in the area and then moved on to San Jose State University.   I attended the police academy at Gavilan College in Gilroy.  I grew up playing several sports and the primary one for me was volleyball.  I played in college (indoor) as well as several years on the beach.  Other hobbies include sailing and surfing as well as cooking.  Being someone that eats (a lot) my cooking skills have expanded to say the least!