December 14, 2012

100,000 "Calls For Service" So Far in 2012

On Thursday December 13th, the Santa Cruz Police Department hit the 100,000 mark in “calls for service”, year-to-date 2012.  Officer Mike Huynh hit the mark, logging a call at about 6 PM.  This represents a steep incline in the annual number of calls over the past several years.  Current estimates show we should be in the area of 105,000 calls for service by year’s end. 

In 2011, the department hit 90,484 calls for service, which was thought to be a significant spike in demand for police services.  In 2010, the department had 81,496 calls for service.  The current pace of calls shows a roughly 25% increase over the 2010 volume.  

Deputy Chief Steve Clark commented, “We are an incredibly active department, staffed with dedicated and hard working men and women.  We continually find innovative ways to meet the service demands of our community and keep up with the volume of activity”.   

Many thanks to the all of the hard working staff at the police department for taking on and conquering this challenge.