December 13, 2012

Theft From Your Vehicle? Help Prevent It!

Don’t let thieves ruin your holiday season. 

With the shopping season in full swing there are a few ways you can protect yourself from becoming the victim of theft from your vehicle. The best deterrent to theft is to make sure your vehicle windows are rolled up and the doors locked. Make sure that purses, back packs, wallets, cell phones and Ipods are not left in your vehicle. If thieves suspect those items are in your vehicle they will break the window and rifle through your belongings. 

Do not leave cell phone/Ipod charging cords, shopping bags and packages in plain sight. Nothing says “take me” more than a shopping bag full of newly purchased goodies.  

Parking in well lit areas that are easily visible will reduce the ability of criminals to go undetected while breaking into your vehicle. Keep in mind that criminals are potentially watching you put your purse or other valuables in the trunk and once they get into the passenger compartment of your vehicle it is an easy flip of a latch or push of a button to gain access to the trunk. If your vehicle has an alarm make sure it is on. The alarm sounding will potentially scare the thief and alert other people that there may be criminal activity afoot. 

Do not let the Grinch steal your holiday gifts this year. Be proactive in protecting your belongings and keeping your community safe. Happy Holidays!