June 12, 2013

Threats Suspect Arrested After Calling to Complain About Being on Manhunt Monday

Detectives arrested Christopher Jasinsky on Tuesday after he called the police department to complain about finding himself on Central Coast News - KION’s “Manhunt Monday” for June 10th.  

Mr. Jasinsky demanded to speak to Chief Vogel to complain about his newfound status as a wanted man.  Chief Vogel obliged Mr. Jasinsky by sending a team of detectives to locate him and pay a personal visit. 

Mr. Jasinsky was found walking on a sidewalk in the 700 block of Branciforte Avenue.  Detectives narrowed down his possible locations and surprised him with an announcement of his arrest warrant.  Mr. Jasinsky told detectives that he thought his location was untraceable since he removed the battery from his cell phone.  This was surprise #2 on the day for him.    

Mr. Jasinsky had an outstanding warrant for his arrest after he made significant and specific threats to a city Parking Control Deputy over a disputed parking citation in April.  Detectives discovered he had a history of these threats and aggressive behavior toward public officials.   

Mr. Jasinsky was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for the warrant charging a violation of Section 71 of the Penal Code – Threatening a Public Officer.