October 24, 2013

Alert Neighbor Prevents a Home Burglary

Once again, alert and proactive neighbors stave off a would-be burglar. We have told a story like this one before.  Way to go Santa Cruz!! 

Yesterday (October 23rd) a neighbor saw this suspicious person enter the side yard of a home in the 1100 block of W. Cliff Drive. 

This is Timothy Dollar - 27 Years Old.  Mr. Dollar self-identifies as “Transient”. He doesn’t have much in the way of prior police contact.

Our alert neighbor took note and called 9-1-1. 

This neighbor provided dispatchers with a great description of the suspect.  Responding officers were quickly on scene and located him across from the victim’s home. 

The suspect, Mr. Dollar, was experiencing his own drug-induced asylum and was attempting to break into the home.  

Thankfully he did not have the opportunity to take anything from the home.   

Mr. Dollar was booked into jail for being under the influence of drugs and for unlawful entry. 

Many, many thanks to the alert citizen watching out for his neighborhood.