October 23, 2013

Halloween Street Closures and Triple Fine Zone

Halloween is rapidly approaching.  While you are doing your last minute costume and candy shopping, the Police Department typically starts planning for this event 6 months in advance.  We bring in 100+ uniformed personnel, lighting and other equipment to ensure your Halloween is as safe as possible.  

In addition to all the resources covering the Downtown arena, we have the rest of the city to to patrol and protect.  Needless to say, this is an "All Hands On Deck" night for the Police Department.  

On average we handle about 325 calls for service between 7 PM and 4 AM.  Here are some arrest stats from previous years as well:

2012 = 32 Arrests and 59 Triple Fine Cites
2011 = 50 Arrests and 49 Triple Fine Cites
2010 = 40 Arrests and 23 Triple Fine Cites

We average about 100 "Nice Costume" comments per officer!

Each year we enact a Safety Enhancement Zone that triples the fines for certain Municipal Code violations that occur in a specified area and for a specified time. 

For 2013, the Safety Enhancement Zone will be in effect during the following times:

Starting:  12:00 AM October 29th
Ending:  3:00 AM November 1st

The Safety Enhancement Zone Flyer is here:

In addition to the Safety Enhancement Zone, we plan for street closures.  This includes tow away zones as well.  The times and location vary for "Closures" and "No Parking/Tow Away" zones so pay careful attention.  Here's the list:

 This list and flyer will also be on our Website at 


Have a Safe Halloween!