March 19, 2014

Help Us Catch A Car Burglar Working His Way Through Neighborhood

Help us catch this burglar

On Saturday night March 15th and early morning March 16th, this guy was captured via home video making his way through the neighborhood checking car doors around Sheldon Avenue (upper West area). 

We had a couple of burglaries reported in that area after our suspect when on his shopping spree.  It appears that he only took things from cars that were left unlocked

These photos are from the video system.  We are hoping someone recognizes this suspect or maybe has other video of his going through the neighborhood.   

If you do, please contact our Investigation Unit at (831) 420-5820.  You can also submit an anonymous tip via our smartphone app for iPhone and Droid, or through our Website

Three important take-aways from this.

  • Don’t leave valuables unsecured in your car, or out in plain view
  • If you see someone suspicious – Call Us
  • If you have video of this guy….Please contact our investigators

Let’s get this guy identified and let’s not make it easy for these crooks to manufacture victims in Santa Cruz.