June 17, 2014

Three Cases for June’s Round 3 of “Name That Thief”

Since the bag of station house coffee reward was such a big hit, we are going to “up the ante” for Round 3 of "Name That Thief".

For the correct tip that identifies these suspects, we are giving away this authentic baseball signed by the SCPD Detectives.  Sure to be a collector’s item???

Here are your clues: 
Case #1 

On May 17th, I broke into a parked car on Lincoln Street in Santa Cruz.  I took a wallet, drill set and walkie-talkies.  I proceeded to go on a shopping spree with my new stolen credit cards and made 10 separate purchases from places like Ross, Office Max, CVS, Woodstock’s Pizza and the like.
I also haul around a skateboard and a backpack.
 Sometimes, I like to tuck my long hair into a stocking cap.  

Please help the police catch me, so I don’t make more victims in your community.  Refer to Detective Brian Warren and Case #14S-03947
Case #2 
On May 25th, I smashed a back window on a car in the 500 block of Buena Vista.  Rifling through the car, I found a wallet full of credit cards.  I used my newfound riches to buy things at Valero, Home Depot and Target. 

I have formed a partnership with this guy, who helped me spend some of the victim’s money. 

We need to get caught so we don’t steal things in your neighborhoods.  Refer to Detective Brian Warren and Case #14S-20800
Case #3 
On June 13th I casually walked into Walgreens on Front Street with my own shopping bags.  I proceeded to fill my empty bags with merchandise from the store.  It is important to be a well-dressed thief, and I found I was drawn to clothing like T-Shirts and Hoodies that had “Santa Cruz” printed on them.  I also took several pairs of socks to match my new shirts. 

I casually walked out of the store and got on a black cruiser style bike and rode away.  

If you see me selling these things, I am not a licensed vendor and my merchandise is a little “warm to the touch”....if you know what I mean?  

Refer to Officer Carly Cross and Case #14S-04798.  

As Always, you can contact our Investigations Unit with your tips, or use our Anonymous Tip Line at (831) 420-5995 

You can also leave an anonymous tip via our Website at www.santacruzpolice.com, or our Smartphone App available for Apple and Droid