June 16, 2014

Virtual Ride-Along Coming This Thursday

Join us this Thursday June 19th for a “Virtual Ride-Along”. 

You ask, “What is a Virtual Ride-Along”? 

Simple....we will be spending the day with Officer Carly Cross.  Carly will be accompanied by our Admin Assistant Kimberlee Steele, who will be Tweeting out all the activity that Carly and her team encounter during their shift.   
They will be working the dayshift, most likely in the Central beat.  The shift starts at 7:30 AM and is scheduled to end at 5:30 PM. 

Follow us on Twitter @SantaCruzPolice.   We will also be tagging each of the Tweets with #ridewithSCPD on the day of the Ride-Along. 

While the Ride-Along may be “Virtual”, the action and activity will be very real. 

Kimberlee will be tweeting out information on each of the calls and activities Carly encounters.  She will also Tweet out photos and Vine video of the various activities.  We will also have some stats and other interesting information throughout the day.

If all goes well, we will expand this with future Ride-Alongs on other shifts.