July 15, 2014

July Name That Thief - Round 2

We’re back after a short hiatus to deal with the harbor death investigation which took on a national media persona.

Round 2 of July “Name That Thief” features two cases.  Both cases are from Costco, who has amazing video for us.  In Case #1 we are still looking for the suspect.  In case #2 we have identified and arrested the suspects.  Here are your clues:
Case #1

Our suspect in this case is dubbed “El Mustachio the Magician” because he makes a Bose Soundlink speaker disappear before your very eyes…..actually after he steps behind an aisle.  

Aside from his amazing magic skills, he derives his name from the predominate mustache he is sporting along with those Ugg style boots.  He is described as a white male 30-40 years old. Here are still shots from the video:

This theft occurred on July 7th at around 2:00 PM.  EL Mustachio selects a Bose speaker and then ducks in behind an aisle to take the speaker out of the box and conceal it under his shirt and jacket.  El Mustachio then walks out of the store failing to pay for the speaker.  Too bad they can’t make is start playing music remotely!

Here is a video of El Mustachio selecting his box.        

Here is a video of the magic trick.  Watch closely as El Mustachio makes the box disappear while adjusting his shirt and holding his arms in that telltale “I have something hidden under my shirt” look. 

Help us identify El Mustachio the Magician before he makes more merchandise disappear from our stores.

Case #2

Case #2 features that classic moment when you realize you left the store and forgot to steal everything you wanted.

On July 6th, our two suspects entered Costco and selected electronics equipment including a universal charger and a Bose Soundlink.  Point of advice here….If you buy a used Bose Soundlink, there is a high probability it is stolen, so ask to see the receipt.  

They concealed their loot from the first run into the females purse and headed out the store.  Then it hits them….we forgot to steal everything on the list!!!  Back into the store they go.

This time they select a Blu-ray disc of the movie “Breaking Bad”…(the irony is rich here) and a pair of shoes.  They go back over to the Bose Soundlinks, remove the disc from the holder and the female slips off her shoes and puts on the new shoes.

Here is a video of them doing this second theft. 

This couple was destined for the Name That Thief contest, but excellent work by our officers identified them before I could get them on the blog.  In a subsequent case on July 13th, they were arrested and identified as:

Gelal Aydogu – 24 year old, Transient

 Shara Agostini – 27 years old, Transient

Aydogu is already “On Probation”.  Both have a history of drug related arrests.

This makes three theft cases from Costco alone.  They were booked for Burglary and Conspiracy.