July 7, 2014

Round 1 of July Name That Thief

It is time for Round 1 of July’s “Name That Thief”.

We had a successful June with a number of suspects identified through your tips.  Let’s keep the momentum and see if you can help us identify July’s sticky-fingered crooks.   
Here’s your clues: 

My girlfriend and I decided it was time to do something with our hair, but salons can be so pricey these days.  We decided to take matters into our own hands….and purses.  To do our own hair, we would need professional quality products, so we visited the Westside Beauty Supply.

Using one of the oldest tricks in the book….My girlfriend or I would distract the clerk, while the other would load up our handbags with quite a few products.  We headed out the door with our loot.  The whole plan went so well, until we saw our pictures on the police department’s blog and Facebook.  Now we stand a real good chance of getting caught.   At least my hair will look good for the booking photo.

Here’s a video of me stealing hair care product and putting it in my bag. 

 This theft occurred on June 4th at around 1:00 PM.  Both suspects are described as white female adults in their early to mid 20’s.  Both are about 5’01” one with blonde hair, and one with brown hair.

For the tipster that identifies our suspect(s), we’ll throw in a bottle of your favorite Dollar Tree shampoo autographed by the Chief!

Refer to Case #14S-04512

As Always, you can contact our Investigations Unit with your tips, or use our Anonymous Tip Line at (831) 420-5995 

You can also leave an anonymous tip via our Website at www.santacruzpolice.com, or our Smartphone App available for Apple and Droid