September 25, 2014

Surf Shop Bandit Identified and Arrested

Thanks to our “Gnarlatious” friends in the “Line Up”, we “Caught a Few”, and were able to identify our suspect.  

Officer "Big Wave" Dave Albert took the "Swell" of information and "Locked In".  Here are the photos from the store video:

Tips led us to this “Tasty” Facebook posting where the suspect is wearing the same tank top he had on during the theft video.  
This was like a big ‘ol "Neptune’s Cocktail"  followed by a “Sand Facial”.  

Detectives on the “Dawn Patrol” “Dropped In” on our unsuspecting “Shubie” and “Towed Him In”.

The suspect is a 17 year old Cabrillo College student from Novato.  Since he is a juvenile, we won't identify him by name.  Turns out he was staying at the luxury hotel with his parents at the same time the credit card was stolen.

The case is closed thanks to your tips and the hard work of Officer "Big Wave" Dave Albert.  We’ll show our gratitude with a friendly nod of the head and with a smile, simply say, “Dude”.