September 15, 2015

Beach Flats Mural Vandalism

The Santa Cruz Police Department is investigating an act of vandalism to mural artwork at the Beach Flats Park.
Over the weekend, vandals painted over two murals on a storage building at the park. The damage to the murals on the building appears to have been done over two separate nights.
Mural as it was before vandalism
The mural on one side of the building had depicted a family scene. The adjacent sidewall had a mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Additionally, the vandals painted the Beach Flats Park sign and another sign at Riverside and Leibrandt.
Adjacent side of building mural prior to vandalism
Below painted out Beach Flats sign
A possible suspect was as a described female, mid 40s age range with brown wavy curly hair, wearing brown sweatshirt and brown long dress.

The murals have historical and cultural significance to the Beach Flats community. These acts of vandalism are taken very seriously by the Santa Cruz Police Department and will not be tolerated in our community.

The Santa Cruz Police Department is scouring the area for video surveillance and possible witnesses. We are asking for the public’s help to identify this suspect wanted in this investigation.

Anyone with information relative to the vandalism and suspect’s identity is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit (831) 420-5820. Anonymous tips can also be sent to the police department through our Tip Line (831) 420-5995, or