September 11, 2015

Holy Cross School's Annual Cookies for Courage Event

Holy Cross School’s Annual Cookies for Courage event is a treasured tradition at the Santa Cruz Police Department.
On Friday September 11th, Holy Cross School hosted its annual Cookies for Courage honoring Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics and First Responders in Santa Cruz County.
Holy Cross students prepared and decorated a plentiful array of platters full of cookies. The entire student body at Holy Cross School participated in this thoughtful tribute that included songs, letters and prayers. 
Everyone was honored by the support of the families and students at Holy Cross School as they presented firefighters, paramedics and police with trays of fresh-baked cookies as a symbol of appreciation for their work.
Principal Kimberly Cheng explained that Cookies for Courage was a chance for the Holy Cross School and parish community to show their appreciation for the men and women who keep Santa Cruz safe.
Father Rodolfo Contreras blessed the vehicles of all First Responders wishing them a safe return from service calls. 
Chief Vogel said “Cookies for Courage will always be a very special and favorite event for us at the SCPD. All emergency personnel represented here appreciate the efforts and enjoy seeing the students, staff and families at Holy Cross School. This is a wonderful event and the cookies are delicious!”
This event was the invention of Riley Sisk after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Riley was 6th grade student at Holy Cross. She came up with the idea to have a meaningful event that honored all the first responders and remembered the sacrifices made. The event has carried on at Holy Cross School ever since.

Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics are honored each year at this ceremony and loaded with delicious cookies to bring back and share with our staff.

A heartfelt THANKS to Holy Cross School Principal Cheng and all the staff at Holy Cross School. Huge THANK YOU'S to all the students and their parents. And, THANK YOU to Riley Sisk for starting this wonderful tradition. We are truly honored by this great ceremony and outpouring of support.